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  1. Malitor Greymaulkin

    Completed Templates

    With my new template system, I've completed the character rosters for the following games: MK1 MK2 MK3 MK4...
  2. Malitor Greymaulkin

    MK Char Templates

    I've created a cool system in Flash where I have a bunch of templates drawn where I can make all kinds of MK chars in a reasonably small amount of time. At this time I can only make male chars, but I am working on a female template system. Here is a sneak preview of a bunch of chars that I've...
  3. Malitor Greymaulkin

    New Scorpion Design

    I've been playing with this design the last few days. Drawn completely in Flash. I've done a couple versions.. one with just the bone and the other with some flesh.. unfortunately while I think the flesh one looks cooler, it reminds me too much of Havik.
  4. Malitor Greymaulkin


    Well it's been awhile since I've done some artwork. I made the following from scratch in photoshop. EDIT: I've made some modifications based on some comments
  5. Malitor Greymaulkin

    Top 10 Favorite Bands

    1) Metallica 2) Poison 3) Megadeth 4) Slaughter 5) Iron Maiden 6) Spice Girls 7) Queensryche #8 Unshaken 9) Faith No More 10) KISS
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    I wasn't sure where to put these, but now that I have a mic.. I've been playing around. These are all in MP3 format. I can pretty...
  7. Malitor Greymaulkin

    Pic: Pumpking Sprite

    Decided to go ahead and go with Pumpking for now. Anyway, here is a sprite I whipped up of him using his vines like a spear. I don't care about rating it, I only care about praise or constructive comments. ;)
  8. Malitor Greymaulkin

    Pic: Happy Halloween

    Just a quick drawing for an original character but unoriginal name. Anyone got a better name.. Image without the text follows:
  9. Malitor Greymaulkin

    PIC: Series 4 of 5: Tanya

    MK Female Character Series (4 of 5) This is the first one that I really liked.
  10. Malitor Greymaulkin

    PIC: Series 2 of 5: Jade

    Here is another pic in the series.. I should label them in the order I drew them. This one is 2 of 5.
  11. Malitor Greymaulkin

    PIC: Series 3 of 5: Mileena

    MK Female Character Series (3 of 5) Here is another in the series. Not happy with this style yet, but I think the head and mask turned out great.
  12. Malitor Greymaulkin

    PIC: Series 1 of 5: Kitana

    MK Female Character Series (1 of 5) Series of sketches covering the Female characters in Mortal Kombat. Some are better than others. I'm not too happy with how this one turned out, however, there is a lot I can fix when I "ink" it.
  13. Malitor Greymaulkin

    PIC: Rain Concept

    Here's a Rain Concept art that I did. Let me know how you like it. I know it's not completely finished, but if I get enough requests I may ink and color it.
  14. Malitor Greymaulkin

    PIC: Series 5 of 5: Kira

    MK Female Character Series (5 of 5) First I sketched and this is the result: Then I put it into photoshop and "inked" it using the pen tool (I'm getting pretty good with it): I may or may not color it. I finally got a chance to scan my Sketches at work, so look for more sketches from me...
  15. Malitor Greymaulkin

    How to get fired from work

    Vixen, heheh.. I watched your movie on your website.. that was totally cool.. I wanna come hang out and get you fired. ;)
  16. Malitor Greymaulkin

    Plz come back RC!!!

    We miss you.. come back and hang out with us..
  17. Malitor Greymaulkin

    Pic: Finished Logo

    Hey, I've finished the logo for one of my clients.. i would like to get everyone's opinion on it. They are a custom cycle shop.
  18. Malitor Greymaulkin

    Ultimate MK Artist

    This guy is totally awesome.. completely blows me away.. Maybe because his stuff is so good is why I'm in a block right now.. I can't even compare.
  19. Malitor Greymaulkin

    Official Shaolin Monks Gripes List

    Now, I'm not usually one to promote negativity, however there are some issues in Shaolin Monks which need to be mentioned so that the MK Team can take them to heart for things to NOT DO in the next game. 1) Game could have easily been longer. There is so much stuff in the MK Universe (Even at...
  20. Malitor Greymaulkin

    PIC: BullDog

    Here's a pic of a bulldog I drew for a Logo that I'm working on. what ya think?