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  1. JayTee

    WHO'S NEXT? (For me to draw!)

    Hi! I haven't been around these parts in awhile, but I'll be here much more often now that news will be pouring in for MKX. I did this drawing of Sub-Zero Vs. Jade 2 or so years ago and now that I've got Mortal Kombat back on the brain, I want to do another one like it. My question is...
  2. JayTee

    Official NHL Thread

    &@#* YOU TORRES. Sincerely, a Blackhawks fan.
  3. JayTee

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    My current timeline:
  4. JayTee

    Tanya MK10 Outfit (drawing)

    Thanks y'all! I'm glad I scribbled that out yesterday cuz I'm in the middle of Volume 2 of my comic book project and needed a costume for a femme-fatale assassin type girl. So I just took my Tanya thing and tweaked it.
  5. JayTee

    Tanya MK10 Outfit (drawing)

    Been awhile since I drew MK stuff, and the Tanya thread inspired this. Just a quick scribble I did of what a post-MK9 version of Tanya might look like!
  6. JayTee

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

  7. JayTee

    Mortal Kombat Cosplay Thread

    Found this on DeviantArt. Once again, being a straight male is a blessing and a curse.
  8. JayTee

    Mortal Kombat Cosplay Thread

    I just found this on DeviantArt. I gotta tell ya, there are some days where it's absolutely PAINFUL to be a man.
  9. JayTee

    Friend Mentioned by Original Kitana!

    My friend got a shout out from the original Kitana, Katalin Zamiar, in an article from a year and a half ago. My friend posted it to her facebook this morning. Nothin' major, just thought it was neat! She's the one in the cosplay pictures at the top...
  10. JayTee

    Fast Jade Drawing (and requests!)

    Took me like 6 minutes at work. I really need to do another epic full page MK drawing with color. Any suggestions/requests? (Preferably girl-v-girl or guy-v-girl. I draw girls.)
  11. JayTee

    SONYA'S MK 15 OUTFIT? (drawing)

    Well, with the way things are going... :cool:
  12. JayTee

    BALANCED BREAKFAST (Skarlet Drawing)

    I'm bored at work again.
  13. JayTee

    Mileena in THERAPY.

    This popped in my head at work so I scribbled it out:
  14. JayTee

    Jade Vs. Sub-Zero Art (No Scribbles)

    Hey! A few months back I did a Jade drawing or two kind of scribbled out at work on scratch paper and hastily colored in Photoshop. I said I'd do a "real" drawing in my free time and finally got around to it! (Colored version coming soon!)
  15. JayTee

    The Gibberish Thread Inspired This (art)

    I'm bored at work!
  16. JayTee

    Scribbling Out Some Jade At Work

    Pencil > iPhone > Photoshop: