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  1. ninja

    Injustice 2 roster?

    sooo, it's that time of the year (or well, April is near), MKX seems to be wrapped up with the XL edition and unless hell freezes over I think we can all expect the announcement of Injustice 2. so, with that in mind, who do you think WILL make the roster and who do you WISH to make the roster...
  2. ninja

    Mkx dlc

    UPDATING WITH A POLL FOR KOMBAT PACK TWO (yes, I am certain there will be at least one more round) PLEASE TRY TO KEEP YOUR VOTES AT A MAXIMUM OF FOUR Characters that for some reason haven't been deconfirmed but probably have zero or close to zero chance of making it in: Ashrah Blaze Bo Rai...
  3. ninja

    Rain petition

    well, that Boon video where he says Rain's chances will be lower as DLC kinda kills my hope, although he didn't deconfirm him fully, but idk how much of a chance he has to be in the main roster so...
  4. ninja

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    haven't posted here (I think) so what the hell :P this is me
  5. ninja

    Eurovision 2012

    ok so, idk if this is a place to start a thread like this because I guess many of you are from america. but who cares, I'll do it anyway :P as an intro, I should say that I hate how most people in the competition vote for political crap or their neighbours. it's retarded beyond redemption since...
  6. ninja

    ALL new content/secrets/rewards for MK for PS Vita :)

    well ladies and gentlemen :) I am unable to get the game on vita myself.. and since no similar thread was made (a thread for example was just about the costumes, not all of vita's content), I thought I should make this. so, to all of you who do own a vita and will get the game, go ahead and post...
  7. ninja

    Do you want another pack of characters after the release of ??? ? Vote and discuss.

    as the topic title says.. how would you feel about NRS working on another say.. 4 characters after the release of ??? ? personally, I'd happily accept another 4 characters (Reiko, Frost, cyborg Smoke for sure and either: Tanya or Fujin or a new character or a pack of playable bosses for offline...
  8. ninja

    Ed Boon's respect to TRMK

    hey all :) idk if anyone saw this yet, but Ed Boon totally just +repped us :P "Twitter account for one of the best MK sites on the internets? Try @TRMK !! They probably know MK better than we do!!" I didn't open this topic though for this tweet but saw it as a chance for us to thank Ed Boon as...