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    You know what was really cool?

    If you've seen any of the story trailers and streams or any of the latest gameplay videos, there really was a much more cinematic look to the action in the game. I remember when we all saw the first trailer and Sub Zero and Scorpion were fighting. A lot of neat looking things were happening...
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    Boon's newest tween has a Jackolantern carving coupled with a hint of a big big...

    reveal for Mortal Kombat on Friday the 13th. This could literally be anything but he's teasing Michael Myers and Jason Voorheez here.
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    Johnny Cage confirmed. You get to play AS Johnny Cage in the story mode.
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    Hey... uh.. you all. What's your thoughts on THIS one? Frost. I mean.... if this is a fan art, this is a REALLY GOD DAMNED impressive fan art. The background looks shitty. But the detail is... interesting.
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    My theory on Goro and what it means for a lot of characters so far.

    Everyone, I think we actually might have some idea of who is going to be in the game before the game comes out and I think it can be understood like such: The comic is a prequel to the game or at least in part. In the comic, something bad happens to Goro. Now it's not something that can be...
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    Jax confirmed in part by WB Brazil This is an interview of the Brazilian voice actress of Cassie Cage. There are moments when they film her saying her lines. One of those lines is her asking "What's the matter, Major Jax? 'Something...
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    Caught something to think about in the new commercial: NEXT

    If you pay attention to the latest commercial, they talk about faction wars. And there's five factions but not only that, each week your factions can get invaded by realms. One of these realms is the Chaos realm. Now check this. We NEED something to establish that the Chaos Realm exists in...