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    imagine mk9 cutscenes like ninja gaidens . . < ninja gaiden < mortal kombat i know they are different genres of game . but wouldnt be awesome if the cutscenes are good as ninja gaidens'? agree?
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    boon is hinting bout challenge tower dlc . .

    i saw this tweets this afternoon looks like were going to get challenge tower DLC soon. . RT @shankdaddy880 @noobde Ed, Challenge tower was so much fun! DLC challenges would ROCK! Noobde: hmmmm.... Our exec producer (Shaun Himmerick) sent me an email during development suggesting we have more...
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    beating shao khan

    is anyone here can beat shao khan without using cheap tactics? i know that you already know the cheap way to beat shao khan where all he was doing is taunt. is it possible to beat him using skills? if yes who's character did you choose?