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    Generic, uncreative...

    I think that some of the fatalities in MKD are very generic and uncreative, ive only seen them in chess mode, and ive seen about 7 different ones, and they all seem the same, i think some of the other MK's fatalities were more creative, for instance, MK:Trilogy, Jade impaling the opponent, and...
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    Too hard!

    Has anyone switched from the new MK's and tried the MKUltimate, MKTrilogy, and MK3? Theyre so much harder...i cant even beat the first person on easy difficulty on MKTrilogy...its weird
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    Bad Idea?

    Did anyone think that the big snakes in the puzzle mode for Yin Yang beach was a bad idea? I think it is because when i play, sometimes, the snakes block my boxes so i dont know what color they are. Im not sure if anyone elses having these prblems, but its bugging me
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    Mysterious Package?

    Whats the mysterious package for? The one u get after killing the 3 dudes in netherrealm where the odds are stacked against you? I dont know what its for. And whats the blue key for to...?
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    WTF is up with that?!

    I went to ol Blockbuster t rent MK:D, and they had a total of 2 copies!!! Whats up with that! they should have a shelf full, those 2 were rented out so i have to wait now
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    Lamb of God

    Anyone head of them. I just heard their new song, Laid to rest from Ashes To THe Wake, its awesome! I was going to buy the cd, but its PA, so i gotta go to sam goody's to get it. Good band, i think theyre Hardcore
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    Shaun Of The Dead

    I dont know if this movie is even out, but if/when it is, I want a few people to give me a review of it, cuz it looks kinda funny in some parts and dum in another...and i dont want to wast $10 if you know what i mean.
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    Black Metal?

    im curious if anyone has heard black metal before, and if they liked it or not...i really like it...its kinda like an evil, melodic version of metal, with screaming voices most of the time...and they usually have a synthesizer. Im really into it