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    24 Tribute *spoilers*

    Lets pay our respects to the lossed heros of 24: George Mason Ryan Chapelle Gael Ortega David Palmer Michelle Dessler Edgar Stiles Lynn Mcgill and TOny Almeda Tribute Themes: *A moment of silence for our departed friends*
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    Mortal Komebacks

    The poll only let me set a limited number, so I had to cram the bosses/sub-bosses.
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    MK:A Cracksmokin' Theories

    This is were you can post your predictions and theories of what will happen in MK:A. They can be serious or (Like Mine) just plain crack headed. For starters: 1. Sonya Blade is going to get knocked up and have Cyrax's kid (Battlestar Galactica style :!: ) 2. Goro will go postal on Shao Khan...
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    You know who should be in MK:A (But probably won't)

    Kung Lao the Great. The original gangsta's gangsta. We've all heard about his badassedness since MK1. Wouldn't it be nice to see this guy in action for the final brawl?
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    Casting Call for new MK

    Just a fun little idea as as as
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    Reason why the next MK should have a Pirate....

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    Was anyone else upset by Goro's MKD ending? Goro has been a villain throughout the MK history. But I think he was forced into that lifestyle. (Afterall the Shokans were slaves of Shao Khan) In MKG (Kung Lao's ending) and MKDA (Backstory) Goro is finally depicted as a hero. He joins forces with...
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    Most Honorable Warriors

    What MK fighters do you guys think are the most honorable and virtuous? For me its: 1. Lui Kang 2. Goro 3. Ermac 4. Kung Lao 5. Jade
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    Favorite SM Boss Fatality

    I Loved the Kintoro Fatality. I've waited to see a "HOLY SHIT!" moment occur in a recent MK game for awhile now. And that definatly was.
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    MK2 Fatality on SM

    Ok. I unlocked MK2 in SM. Does anyone know the Fatalites for MK2 and wish to share?
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    Shaolin Monks 2

    How about an adventure game in the style of SM that takes place during MK3? Thoughts or Ideas? (Sorry if their is already a thread like this)
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    Red Dragon Vs. Black Dragon

    Who do you like better?
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    Favorite SM cameo

    Kabal was my favorite cameo. It was cool to see him in his Pre-gas mask form. And most importently of all....HE'S AN ELVIS FAN!!!!
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    The Devils Rejects

    I am a horror film fanatic. I have been really dissappointed with the recent flow of films that pass off as "horror". If their not PG-13 rip offs of Japanese films, then their crappy remakes of good horror films. Their have been afew good horror films that have risen up and pleasently...