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  1. Sub-tektor

    Mortal Kombat is the most offensive game of all time.

    Mortal Kombat. I used to love the game... Until I saw the deeper meaning behind it. It's not offensive because of it's gore, because let's face it, until Johnny Cage rips your balls off, it's when we get genuinely disturbed by the game. But I was playing Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection for the...
  2. Sub-tektor

    Fist of the North Star... For Kids!?

    American Hokuto No Ken? Long time ago (aka 29 years ago) there was an epic Manga called Hokuto No Ken, that was successful so a year after it got an anime. Hokuto No Ken was so successful there was a plan of localizing it here, but that didn't happen until in the 90's that was directed to...
  3. Sub-tektor

    Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star) discusspalooza

    Omae wa mo shindeiru. You are already dead. What's Hokuto No Ken? Why should I care? I'll tell you what Hokuto No Ken is... THE MANLIEST PIECE OF WORK EVER! The show involves action, suspense, a fairly decent story, love, and gore! Watch the intro of the second and third season of the...
  4. Sub-tektor

    Gauntlet. Nuff Said.

    Remember Gauntlet? You know what it even is? If not, then... Look it up and PLAY IT WITH FRIENDS! If you don't have friends THEN MAKE FRIENDS! If the whole world is your enemy THEN PLAY WITH YOUR ENEMIES! But what if your some reason invisible and can't talk... IT'S STILL FUN ONE PLAYER! Now...
  5. Sub-tektor

    Shao Kahn is Sinistar!

    Of course you monkey brain simpletons wouldn't know the all famous SINISTAR... (beware he lives!) Sinistar is a space shooter made in the early 80's made by Williams, which you stupid kids now know them as The Warner Brothers (and Warner Sister) The basic premise in Sinistar is that your a...
  6. Sub-tektor

    Mortal Kombat: Ninja Odyssey

    Introduction: This is the censored version of my fan fic since this supposedly you're not allowed to cuss on the site, and I won't link the original now, since I think it's too soon. Also I did make more chapters on another website so I will post them soon here. One more thing, this is a humor...