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  1. SaibotMK

    Can anyone with the game confirm this hopefully BS statement?

    I just read this & immediately thought this guy has to be full of it or just sucks at the game and can't get 5 teleports off. "There are a few changes from the demo too. For example, Scorpion can only do his teleport a maximum of twice in a combo/juggle now - just like his spear. Instead of...
  2. SaibotMK

    Are you going to use a TE/MK fightstick competitively online?

    I don't have a lot of time to make this detailed, I have 0 issue's with the PS3 controller. The more I play the demo the more I realize that I probably will not play compeitive online with the fightstick and do very well. I already bought it online through bestbuy though and I will try to use...
  3. SaibotMK

    Game Sub-Boss Spoiler

    I have done searches awhile back on the main MK forum and here, I have not done any just recently but I have never known this . . Kintaro is seen in the Scorpion Subzero Kollectors Edition video, its almost so obvious that someone would have found it by now and im sure its been known but I...
  4. SaibotMK

    Do not ever buy something online that only uses USPS

    My 60gb PS3 should have been here Friday or today for sure (Saturday), the seller shipped it out this last monday. USPS does not give you any updated tracking, they are the worse service to use for shipping and receiving packages I find out. If I got my PS3 yesterday I could be having a blast...