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  1. Man Eater

    Scorpion reset

    Ok I never really understood why there are such things as a reset in a fighting game. BAsically Scorpion can telepunch you and make you stagger and for the next move you have to guess if he's gonna low to free hit you, med juggle you, or grab. It seems unfair to me. It's also hard to get out of...
  2. Man Eater

    Reptile's dash.. again

    Is there ANYTHING you can do to stop it online? It gets me everytime and I can't even counter it with a fast move. It just... has.. so much... priority.. online /sigh
  3. Man Eater

    Arenas and Themes

    Just curious. What is your favorite place to fight on this game? Mine would have to be the temple, but of course with the older theme. I love the way the colored glass reflects on the characters. The creepy horror music. The ominous priest in the background. Love it
  4. Man Eater

    Most Badass cut scenes ever

    SPOILER ALERT Is it just me or did Sindel kick major ass and look flawless doing it? She has some of the best lines. One of my favorite cutscenes... Momma makes me proud to main her :) Also this scene before Mileena fights Jade. The lines in this game and the actors bring so much life into...
  5. Man Eater

    Sub Zero's X-ray

    Anybody notice that if he uses his x-ray on you twice in one match, he freezes and explodes the same organ twice?
  6. Man Eater

    Crappiest community in the world.. I swear

    Rain came out today. Fought this dude who played Johhny Cage. It was the last round and he won by maybe 10% health left. He tbags me then doesn't want a rematch. So I message him. My exact words were "So you gonna tbag and not rematch me?.. so sad" He messages me "how you gonna lose to me and...
  7. Man Eater

    Not another OP Kung Lao thread

    LOL no that's not what this is about. How big is his hit box for that damn spin? It gets me everytime I'm not even touching the blue whirly sh*t. Sometimes I'm a little further than grabbing range an it still catches me. Just curious if anybody know.
  8. Man Eater

    Uppercuts combos

    So apparently Ermac can combo off of a successful uppercut, like as a punish? Is this a glitch?
  9. Man Eater

    Fatalities or Victory pose?

    Am I the only person that doesn't do fatalities? I've done them all, seen them all, and frankly don't want to do them. People also leave whenever you do them. I'd rather see the victory pose and get on to the next match instead of seeing the same fatalities. Does anybody else have this mentality?
  10. Man Eater

    Player matches and declines

    I don't know for sure but my player win/loss ratio is like 1500/700. I go to player matches because I don't like to wait and I get disconnected way less. What I don't understand is that when I encounter someone who has a win/loss of like 600/100, they decline me. Atleast 50% of them do. Are...
  11. Man Eater

    Low hit to free hit

    I don't think it's fair that Quan Chi and Scorpion have a low hit to free hit move (that gives them the free hit) while Sindel and Sonya don't. I do believe sub zero has one too. Anybody else out there feel the same way?
  12. Man Eater

    Neutral Punch in mid combo

    I can't seem to do it right. Most of the time, the jump punch comes out too late and totally misses. An example of doing it is Kitana's Forward+2, 1. You can do a neutral punch but it won't work for me? Any hints to doing it right?
  13. Man Eater

    Choices and Tier Lists

    Ok everybody knows that Kung Lao is probably the best character in this game. Let's face it, he has every tool in the game to counter-act and cause any situation. Then you have Sheeva, who is underestimated but put at the bottom of the tier list. If you pick Kung Lao and win, does that...
  14. Man Eater

    Classic Costumes Glitches

    So when you select Scorpion's classic, his weapons change and have a different look. When you select Kitana, her fans look the same. I thought this was a little one sided. They also screwed up on Scorpion's pose when he wins a round. He pulls his left sword but the right sword goes in his hand...
  15. Man Eater

    Shadow Flash and X-rays

    I would make a poll but I don't know how lol. Anyways, Do you think Jade's Shadow Flash should be invincible to projectile x-rays? Or atleast her enhanced version? I did it to Noob and it didn't work, and I was sad. What's your ideas on this. kenshi will also have a projectile X-ray as well.
  16. Man Eater

    Toasty on other moves?

    Has anybody noticed that Dan does toasty on more than just uppercuts? I found out so far that he does it on Sindel's step up, Johnny's EX flip, and Kabal's hook slash launcher (don't know the name, it's his special move though.) Anybody seen other than these three?
  17. Man Eater

    1v1 glitch

    So everytime I accept a 1v1 or send one... The first match we fight is fine. If the opponent wins, the next match is fine. If I win that second match, the match after that desynchs or is no longer available. What I'm saying is if I EVER flip flop wins with the opponent, the game loses...
  18. Man Eater

    X-Ray Finishes

    My idea is that if you have your X-Ray meter all the way up at the end of the battle, you can utilize it as a fatality when it cues you to "Finish Him/Her". One idea I had is for Skarlets. Her X-Ray ends in her sticking her heel into their eyes. As she kicks them, she leaps into the air (boot...
  19. Man Eater

    The compatability pack

    I know it's free and all, but as to use DLC against people that don't have that character is a failure I think. I've gone throught 10 battles online now and none have downloaded it. I can't use Skarlet at all. WTH
  20. Man Eater

    Mastering one character

    Yes I finally succeeded in mastering a character.. yet I got no achievement. WTH anyone else have this problem or actually mastered a character yet?