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  1. Snow

    Official Mortal Kombat X Mobile Thread

    Ok so apparently the game's up on the ios app store. So I think we can use this thread to share info, screenshots, tips, ANYTHING pertaining to the mobile game. I myself don't have it as I'm an android user, but I'm sure there are some here that can access it. So post away! EDIT: Here are...
  2. Snow

    [SPOILER] Everything about story mode. Pics, videos, discussion, etc.

    We kill Baraka via QTE Fatality input. Sektor dies offscreen outside of the game. We'll probably see the confrontation in the comics.
  3. Snow

    [SPOILER] Everything about story mode. Pics, videos, discussion, etc.

    Monster Shinnok is probably the final boss Look to the left. When I was snapping that image, it looked like Raiden was stepping into the corrupted Jinsei chamber and Shinnok was reverting back to normal.
  4. Snow

    Official Friday March 27th Kombat Kast Diskussion Thread

    I blame shit like this for making people think that saying that kind of shit is funny.
  5. Snow

    Shaolin Trailer + Bo rai cho

    Just gonna drop this here. Called the armband.
  6. Snow

    A Detail Regarding Liu Kang

    Rude much? Jeez. Anyway here's one without any scribbles to obscure anything. It LOOKS like they inverted the drape because it looks like it's covering his right pectoral. Though I don't understand why they even would but whatever. Again this could be completely wrong but hey, it's something...
  7. Snow

    A Detail Regarding Liu Kang

    Ok so I was rewatching the Cage Family trailer and kept pausing at the statues and noticed something strange about the Liu Kang one: He's wearing what LOOKS like his MK9 alt. BUT. Here's something that I think is very minor but could help us out... He has an armband! :O Lol i know it...
  8. Snow

    Mortal Kombat X's Release date for PS4

    Basically hit this button once, type what you want to type between the bracketed Spoiler tags and you're good.
  9. Snow


    So this is from the MKX Vol.1 description. A bit of new info From Google play.
  10. Snow

    Snow's Artwork Streams

    Results from today's stream: Thanks to @Mark Harvey for stopping by! Listen to his orchestral rendition of the MK theme, it's pretty damn amazing! I'll be posting a date and time for another stream when I figure out my schedule for the week :) EDIT: Didn't want to make a new thread and take...
  11. Snow

    Snow's Artwork Streams

    Hey guys! Figured I'd just make a thread for my art broadcasts from here on out so that way I have a regular place to put them and I can have a spot for people to check back and see when a new stream will be starting :) I'm being a bit spontaneous today and will be having a stream in less than...
  12. Snow

    New Stream this Thursday - BRUTALITY!!

    18 characters.
  13. Snow


    Thought I'd go ahead an make an official Spawn speculation/wish/thoughts thread so we aren't flooding the media thread :) Here I'd like to share with everyone my thoughts as to how Spawn could fit into MKX SHOULD he be included. I'm not taking Todd's interview as concrete confirmation that...
  14. Snow

    Alternate Costume Confirmation/Speculation

    Yo dawg, I heard you like costumes. So what we're gonna do here is lay out what we think some of the character's alts are going to be. Everything seems to be EXTREMELY focused on story this time around (Which I LOVE, since I'm a big MK story enthusiast), so I think it's only logical that many...
  15. Snow


    I really hope they add more to his costume in-game, this is pretty bland.
  16. Snow

    Shinnok, Quan Chi and the Original Timeline

    Remember Shinnok's ending in Mortal Kombat Armageddon and how it revealed that the Shinnok fighting was actually a magical clone since the real one's still trapped in the Netherrealm? And remember how Shinnok "supposedly" planned Shao Kahn's merging of Earthrealm and Outworld in MK9 in order to...
  17. Snow

    The Shujinko Factor

    This has been bugging me for quite a bit and I hope the devs don't overlook this but I just recently replayed MKD's Konquest mode and noticed that Shujinko goes into the Netherrealm for the second time right before MK1 happens because of his purifying his soul with Nightwolf. While he's in the...
  18. Snow

    Arcade Boss/Sub-boss

    It was mentioned by Hector that the sub-boss of the arcade mode (battles) will be a non playable character, and that the main boss of the arcade mode is "Probably who you think it is". My question to y'all, who do YOU think these characters are?