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  1. thescorpionboss

    Question mark as Ed Boon`s Avatar

    I tweeted: "why the question mark as avatar?" He later retweeted: RT @mk9_jeyta @noobde Why the question mark as avatar? EB: Oh yea, guess I should change that now. :) (yes i am mk9_jeyta on a other account - i just typed something) Anyways...what do you think of it?
  2. thescorpionboss

    Problems with minecraft.

    Can somebody help me out? I want to start-up minecraft. When I start it up it says: done loading. And then I get an blackscreen. Greetings thescorpionboss
  3. thescorpionboss

    San Andreas multiplayer on illegal San Andreas.

    So I want to download and install SA:mp on my PC but I have illegal San Andreas so I can`t download the game. Can somebody please help me out? Sincerely thescorpionboss
  4. thescorpionboss

    Would this be epic...?

    If you have Kinect / move / Wii that you could choose a character and you really can fight. So if you do a uppercut your character will do an uppercut. And if you want to freeze with Sub-Zero you do the Freeze animation. And if you want to slide you do the Slide animation. It is hard to explain...
  5. thescorpionboss

    the Trmk Tier List

    It is going like have 3 days to give a rating for the character. I will count all ratings and i will divide it by the votes. The character whe will vote on this 3 days is... Shang Tsung! He is incredibly slow..he can make nice combo`s. Although -- I don`t see many good Shang...
  6. thescorpionboss

    Underrated and Overrated.

    We all know him. The fiercest Tarkatan. But WHY is Baraka so SUPER underrated? I mean -- he is not the best player. Indeed not an god tier character. But HEY! Baraka is DEADLY both mid-screen and corner. He possibly could win of any character! He could beat a similair skilled Raiden or Kitana...
  7. thescorpionboss

    What is your favorite fatality of mk9?

    Disscuss here what your favorite fatality is of mk9! Is it Noob`s make a wish? Or Sub-Zero`s Spine Rip fatality? (Every fatality is allowed! Also the classic ones!)
  8. thescorpionboss

    The Kombat Games: Introduction

    Everyone comes from the ship. On Kamawauchi Island. The island where The Kombat Games start. An adventure starts on this island. The kontestants are rumoring about the games. Who is dead first? And who will survive? "IT BEGINS!". Everyone is silenced. Shao Kahn goes further: "This is The...
  9. thescorpionboss

    Keep needing to reconnect controller - XBOX360

    Every time I play every 5 or 10 seconds it says: please reconnect controller. When I press the on-button it flashes and then 5 seconds later it says: please reconnect controller.