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  1. sub-one

    Feudal Japan Skin Pack?

    I'd like to see these alts of sub-zero and scopion And this one of raiden
  2. sub-one

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Taken at CDL school a couple months ago
  3. sub-one

    Ideas for NEW characters - what/who would you like to see?

    a native warrior like this not this
  4. sub-one

    New Characters for MK10

    Seriously though. They should have a "kenshiro" parody character with his hokuto shinken exploding death touches! that would be sweeeeeet! and yes I'm actually serious this time. SERIOOOOOOUUUUUSSSSSS this is me by the way soooo....yup
  5. sub-one

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    Here i am. Just look at that smile.
  6. sub-one

    MK movie update/MK Legacy discussion

    the truth of the matter is all of the actresses are exceptionally attractive women, but none of them fit into the mortal kombat realm. They are nice thoughts but they have no prior martial arts or stunt experience and the fights would look stressed and poorly arranged like Sonya in the first MK...
  7. sub-one

    the elder scrolls: SKYRIM

    as a long term action rpg player and adventurer this game looks incredible!!! new combat system, graphics engine and dragons. just wanna get ur thoughts guys and gals. this is a definite pre-order launch day pick up for me. what about u guys? yay or nay?