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  1. The_Wraith

    Whats this? Whats this?! ~ TRMK Drawings thread

    I made those. One of them is my failed attempt to draw some Nazguls from the LOTR trilogy. The other one is a bone heart I made to symbolize the friendship I hold for some friends.
  2. The_Wraith

    Underrated Games

    THIS: and THIS: nuff said. Also, Sacrifice was the game that Brutal Legend took inspiration for 3rd person view RTS. If you liked Brutal Legend, Sacrifice will make you think it is total crap.
  3. The_Wraith


    Perhaps THE most underrated game EVER produced by a gaming company (in this case, Shiny). This game, gentleman, is simply one of the BEST games you will ever find in this dread wasteland you call "game market". Released in 2000, it has gathered excellent critics from various respected gaming...