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    Twitch Stream - MKX EU Players (PS4)

    First of all, I apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum. Hey guys and gals, I'm gonna be starting an MKX twitch channel for EU players on PS4 and everybody is welcome! This is just gonna be a casual koth room for anyone who would like some friendly competition in a friendly...
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    Tanya in MKX?

    Firstly I apologies if this is in the wrong thread or if there is already a discussion. But where is Tanya? What do you guys think her chances are of being in MKX either through DLC or the main roster? Here are a few reasons why I think she will be in the game: Reason 1: Jade is dead. Why is...
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    Your Brutality ideas - Use your Imaginality

    Since there are over 100 confirmed Brutalities, I'd like to hear what Brutalities you guys can come up with. I think its safe to say that most if not all special moves can end in a Brutality so here's a few to start off this thread. Takeda's Spear - Pulls the opponent towards him and delivers a...
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    EU Players Challenge Me!!

    I'm going online now and I want good challengers. PSN: Destroyer901 Record: 1600-400 (Thereabouts) Anyone can challenge but I preferably want a challenge Have fun =D