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  1. Joshuaalt

    The Mortal Kombat **SPOILER FREE** Story Mode Appreaciation Tread

    Keep In Mind, **SPOILER FREE**; we don't want to ruin anything for anyone. I haven't actually beaten the game yet but I am very close and although I haven't seen the credits yet I really think that NRS has really out done themselves. I just want to thank NRS for trying, and exceeding in...
  2. Joshuaalt

    Completing The Story Mode and Challenge Tower Before Release?

    So how many of you have or will have beaten The Story Mode and The Challenge Tower before the official release of the game on Tuesday? I'm a little jealous you see, I just can't believe there are people that have finished the game before most of us get to even put our hands on it.
  3. Joshuaalt

    DLC Request's

    Well since reading that Ed Boon and others view these forums I thought it would be great idea to give them some idea's about future DLC content, especially since we have to pay for it. My request is that since NRS should create Friendships for every character. Since it would be so many...
  4. Joshuaalt

    Unmasked Kabal As Playable?

    As I watched the GameTrailers Reveal of Kabal I noticed that it looks as if he's not wearing a mask while performing a Combo on Stryker. Am I actually seeing Kabal fighting without his mask on or is is my imagination. Combo Starts at 0:40
  5. Joshuaalt

    1992 Midway Mortal Kombat Pin.

    Ok I found this at my fathers house and I wanted to know where they where giving them out at because I can't remember getting it. It says 1992 Midway on the back and I was 10 years old at the time. Also I saw one other person with one at and he had bought one off of EBay so...
  6. Joshuaalt

    Scorpion's Klassic Costume from GameStop?

    :canabis::stoned:I was thinking that wouldn't it be awesome if along with the Klassic Costume Scorpion was given his Klassic Rope Spear. I think it would fight him a lot more in that costume, anyone else think it's a possibility
  7. Joshuaalt

    Dreams Of MK?

    It must be because I am over excited for this game but I keep having dreams, or Nightmares; about the new game. The first one was involved how I sucked and couldn't string any moves together and the second one was that I bought the game on the day of it's release from GameStop but forgot to...
  8. Joshuaalt

    When Is NRS Going To Start The Countdown Timer?

    Do you think that NRS will, or want them; to start a countdown timer to the games midnight release?
  9. Joshuaalt

    Mortal Kombat Official Strategy Guide

    So they've announced the Official Mortal Kombat Strategy Guide. I personally am going to buy one. I want all the pictures in the book and story bios along with list the instructions of Fatality's. So who's going to buy one of the Strategy Guide for instructions for Fatality's, who's tough...
  10. Joshuaalt

    I'm Starting To Think That You Play As BI-Han & Kuai Liang?

    On the cover of the game it show Scorpion attacking Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) in the Netherrealm and in the opening of Sub-Zero's vignette Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang) is talking to Scorpion.
  11. Joshuaalt

    So how many people have ordered the Tournament Edition?

    I actually really want the Tournament Edition because I think would be awesome to have a Mortal Kombat Arcade Stick, When I went to Pre-Order it at GameStop I was told it was a $25 dollar Pre-Order and I only had $10 bucks on me so I just Pre-Ordered the Kollector's Edition. My wife is going to...
  12. Joshuaalt

    Mortal Kombat's Move List

    With all the game play floating around I am starting to believe that every character in the game is going to have many different moves unlike the original three, there are multiple grapples, multiple throws and many different variations of special moves implemented in combos. It seems to me...
  13. Joshuaalt

    Concept Art: Two New Concept Art For Shao Kahns Coliseum And The Dead Pool.

    I don't know if anyone else has seen these pictures but I really like them especially Shao Kahns Coliseum.
  14. Joshuaalt

    Tower Of Power

    I showed this article in another thread but see that it is a large part of the game I wanted to know what everyone's thoughts about the idea of the Tower Of Power Article: The Challenge Tower is a huge part of Mortal Kombat's single-player experience. "It's similar to arcade ladder, but we're...
  15. Joshuaalt

    I fear an AO Rating

    I love the new fatality's in Mortal Kombat. There bloody and brutal, what's not to love but I fear that with it's goriness it might end up with an Adult's Only Rating and that would kill the current version of the game. I read part of an interview last night where Ed Boon states that they have...