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  1. MikeRib

    DLC Problems Thread

    Error using Sektor MK3 Skin I've been playing King of the Hill with my friend and get a "Game Session De-synchronization" error when my buddy uses the Klassic Sektor skin. Has this been happening to anyone else or anyone know how to fix it?
  2. MikeRib

    How many of you will be absent from work/ school for MK release day?

    Mortal Kombat's release date is quickly approaching and it made me wonder: How many TRMK members will catch the dreaded MK Flu, or "have an important engagement" for Mortal Kombat's release date? I for one have already requested April the 19th off, for an "important appointment with my wife." ;)...
  3. MikeRib

    PAX East WB Games Booth Photo

    Sort of silly to make a topic just for one photo, but here is a photo of the MK booth at PAX, (taken from Maybe a few of you would like to see it: Pikachu wins!! Fatality!!
  4. MikeRib

    MK Tournament in Vegas May 14th and 15th

    From MK_MortalKombat Twitter: Kompete for $21,000 in prizes at Bally's Casino!
  5. MikeRib

    Gamespot Arcade Stick Interview New video featuring Erin Pipergerdes, Associate Producer from NRS. Shows great video footage of the TE arcade stick. Also has kool looking zombies at 00:50 Enjoy!
  6. MikeRib


    Post your favorite Pop songs. I'll start: ^ This one is Robert Palmer "Looking for Clues" The title may or may not display for you. And call it stupid or gay, because I will chop you up with an axe.
  7. MikeRib

    Front Page MK Advertisement and Trailer Now Featured on Gamespot has been updated to feature a colorful Mortal Kombat ad on the front page featuring Scorpion and Sub-Zero. The ad also includes the original trailer. Mortal Kombat is now in the Top 5 most viewed games that are coming soon! It is pretty kool to see one of my favorite sites all MKed up!
  8. MikeRib

    MK in the newest Gameinformer. New Cathedral stage, Goro photo.

    On pages 22-25 of the newest Gameinformer. There is a cool little article concerning Rebooting game franchises. The article mentions Ed Boon's desire to take the MK series in a new direction and it's mature presentation. The article also has 2 new photos of Kitana vs. Reptile in a level that...
  9. MikeRib


    Does anybody know what the deal is with this picture? It is from MK4: ( I assume it is from the ending. Maybe Jax's? Looks like he is gonna throw Jarek off a cliff. Pretty silly.