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    Dropping by

    Well then, it's been forever. I haven't done much in the way of community participation or art as life has progressed. But I did recently finish up these two images, so I haven't completely lost my love MK. Anywho, enjoy!


    Hell it's been so long I don't even know if this has been posted before in this complete of a form. It's some abandoned artwork I did a while back before MK9 released. A rush job shows up on TRMK's error page with some acid effects.

    Deadpool! (finished)

    Going to update this post with a tut for shading, hopefully to help more than just AMES, but even if it only helps him I'll be happy. I'll keep editing this post to keep it in one place, with the current piece I'm working on, so you're going to get a WIP as well :) Part one, highlights. Ok, I...

    Deadpool! (finished)

    Ok, so here it is finally. Marvel heroes rock DC heroes any day :aetsch:


    Starting with the sketch. I'll update as I add lines, color etc...


    Couldn't help but post this, I managed to impress myself! Just have to clean up Reptile and finish off the background, plus add some acid-puke and it'll be done!


    Well, there is #1! on to #2, Jade & Reptile. Don't forget to follow my twitter @K1LLKANO for works in progress of all images, unless you just want to see the finished piece that is :aetsch:

    Nowhere to Run

    Finished! Finally I can start working on the rest of these. Not sure if any more are going to have backgrounds as that always slows me down a ton :( Enjoy.

    Nowhere to Run

    Well, here you have a 100% zoom of some of the detail going into my current project with color. Someone was wanting to know when I was gonna post some more artwork, sadly this thing is taking way longer than I hoped because I like to find other things to distract myself instead of drawing...
  10. K1LLKANO

    Happy Halloween!

    Figured I'd post this up for Halloween, even though it's not MK related. Middle finger is disproportionate from the rest but I like the idea. 'twas originally supposed be three drinks, all blood and body parts mixed served by the lady who sacrificed herself to make them, but like usual it...
  11. K1LLKANO

    MK Character Concepts

    A few of the concepts I have going for upcoming pieces, if they all come to fruition. Just posting a link to the dA page because there is nudity which I don't feel belongs on our forum. Jade is horrible, I know, but I'm only...
  12. K1LLKANO

    Jax! MK9

    Just tried to make MAJ Briggs a little more military and fighter by simplifying his garb and using a subdued approach for his bionics. Detail view can be found here
  13. K1LLKANO

    Guess Who

    Shouldn't be too hard. Sucks not having a scanner anymore, so hard to get an image to lay flat and line up when shooting with a camera... Anywho, just a teaser really of something I'd like to finish up if I'm motivated and time permits. Enjoy!
  14. K1LLKANO

    Still Laughing

    The Joker pissed off the wrong specter, and much to Scorpion's own amusement, continued to laugh all the way to the grave.
  15. K1LLKANO

    Temple Invasion

    a project of mine that I abandoned back in March '07 after pretty much finishing up the characters. I got tired of it sitting on my HD so I slapped a background together in about 1.5 hours to make it look like it's somewhat complete. I may have even posted some of this back then too... Should...
  16. K1LLKANO

    Couldn't help myself :)

    especially after seeing where everyone's gaze was fixated!
  17. K1LLKANO

    The Beauty of Magic

    Zatanna tries to improve Goro's looks by waxing his eyebrows, a rather painful experience, I'm sure.
  18. K1LLKANO

    Lex's DIE-a-tribe

    Lex gets so caught up in his monologue, that Sindel quietly passes from this plane before he can actually get to what he's describing. (Use the Gene Hackman voice for the full effect!) It really is amazing how Sindel's body has stayed so young whilst her head has aged so much... must have...
  19. K1LLKANO

    The 7 Year Itch

    Liu Kang lands in hot water after "not having sexual relations with that woman" (that's his story and he's sticking to it) Idea belongs to tommystockley of MKI
  20. K1LLKANO

    Shazam This

    Raiden shows Captain Marvel how to utilize electricity properly. Really it's just an excuse to draw lightning and the skeleton effect.