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  1. CF7

    MK vs ?

    Here's something from the UMvC3 modding scene:
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    MK vs ?

    Come to think of, having him as a guest on MK could be interesting; Nice. heh, you don't even need to go that far with the storyline, Kano 's ending on MK11 and Jade's 'Girls gone wired' extra from Deception comes to mind; No! Mud wrestling! =P I seem to recall hearing how Marvel was hard to...
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    The number of characters by series seems to be based on how hot the IP currently is, =P
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    ^Good logic; 'tis the game's intro:
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    So, this happened;
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    -This is your original wishlist; -This is the list of the highest-grossing Warner movies (many of them are new...ish, impressive): -This is Keanu Reeves talking about not wanting Neo to appear on Mortal Kombat...
  7. CF7

    MK Tidbits

    So, about a week ago, I was looking at a upupdowndown video where Daniel Pesina said Liu Kang's MK2 design was based on Marvel's Shang-Chi I thought, cool. Today, I see a video where he said Johnny Cage wasn't based on Van Damme, but Danny Rand (and that Jax was based on Power Man, Sonya based...
  8. CF7

    Japanese fighting game battle designers talking about games...

    So, game planers from Arc Systems and French Bread were talking about how to make a Fighting Game, and all of a sudden, one of them says: Can you guys imagine "what if"? The rest of the interview is unrelated, but if you guys want to read, it is in...
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    Fighting games that would weirdly mix up well

    First of all, hi! I'm CF7 and this is my first Thread here. Have you ever thought of Fighting Games whose Crossover would be unlikely, but they would mix 'strangely' well? Post here your ideas! If you have none, post an unlikely matchup (as in, character vs character) that would be rather...