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    No Cyrax and Sektor classic skins?

    I thought you get them for free with the patch? I downloaded the patch without reading, but I can't select the Cyrax and Sektor classic skins. I'm hesitant to buy Skarlet or the classic skins pack if I'm going to have the same problems with those... Or is the Cyrax and Sektor classic skins for...
  2. Macros

    Do Shang Tsung's and Quan Chi's damage buffs stack?

    Imagine the following scenario: you're playing as Shang Tsung versus Quan Chi. You use soul steal on the opponent, then use skeletal boost. Voila, two damage buffs. Then you perform Quan Chi's X-ray and insta-kill the other guy. So is this possible? I'm thinking... no. But it might be worth...
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    Official MK9 Xbox 360 D-Pad Solution Thread

    I'm getting kind of sick of the standard Xbox 360 controller screwing up my special moves and combo's. Half the time I'm just kicking at thin air :viking:. I feel like I could be a way better player if I could just trust that whenever I input something, it will do what I want it to do. Sometimes...
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    Accepted challenge - was suddenly in que for KotH?

    Can someone explain how this works? I got a challenge, accepted it, and then I was in que for King of the Hill. I could understand if I was one of the two players starting it when this happens, but how can someone challenge me when they're already in a king of the hill match? Because how else...