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  1. blazer

    apocalypse pony

    Robot chicken apocalypse pony. If you don't know, it's a parody of My Little Pony.
  2. blazer

    Have you been shocked by an electric fence?

    Today I was at a horse farm when I grabbed a fence that looked like rope. I saw a stinkbug and fish in the horses drinking water when someone said "lookout" I let go and my body felt like it was hit with a 100 lb rock. I started feeling all weird. But has anyone else done something like this?
  3. blazer

    Who has a Tarantula?

    I just got a tarantula yesterday. And I wondered, "Does anyone here have a tarantula? Here are some pictures of my (possibly Dodoma) Baboon Tarantula. If you do, post pics
  4. blazer

    Santas visit to kid thunder

    santa tsung gave kid mk2 but he left it on the roof.Sorry that i put the wrong hear.
  5. blazer

    MK:D UNCHAINED US RELEASE DATE yep feb. 1st. 1 day before my birthday. didnt take long to find.
  6. blazer

    Ko op glitch

    I was using enemy manipulation on milena when I just appeared on my buddy (Liu Kang) instead. It looked funny how I was riding him. I didnt attack though I thought I would lose the game.
  7. blazer

    New background=Miyoto Temple

    sorry about it being too big. please rate.
  8. blazer

    Blazer vs. Noob Saibot

    sorry about it being so big. it features my new background Miyoto temple
  9. blazer

    The swing

    This is the swing. everyone cant stop riding it :lol: rate! rate! rate!
  10. blazer

    Official hand-drawn art thread

    I thought mabye somebody should make an official hand-drawn thread for any kind of drawing like mk characters, made up characters,etc. The forum will be used instead of making differant posts. I really hope this becomes a sticky. I will be posting some hand art here myself. If the admins like...
  11. blazer

    What are you getting for christmas???

    I am getting a psp for christmas.
  12. blazer

    Kosta sprite + comic

    here is a sprite i made for kosta and a comic. plz rate click for larger comic
  13. blazer

    sf sprite

    i felt like making sf a sprite. Hope you like it sf
  14. blazer

    Black dragon

    Did any one notice all black dragon characters names start k and have an a in them? KAbAl KAno KirA KobrA jAreK Plus black dragon can make kano and kabal's names. BLAcK drAgON unscramble the capital letters and use the k twice to spell: Kabal a n o weird huh? EDIT:Added...
  15. blazer

    What is your favorite version of shang tsung?

    I would have to say mk3 because he is young,a nice hair style,and cool eyes. I didn't really like his braided hair in mk2 that much.
  16. blazer

    How many of you bought the premium pack of deception?

    Did you buy the normal deception or the premium pack? I got the premium pack.
  17. blazer

    Fake: New Character Fatality

    I made this fake 'cause i was bord. It is my new character Goraga's fatality. enjoy.
  18. blazer

    short Boss guide

    Here is a short (kinda) boss guide. Hope it helps. 1Kitana,Mileena, and Jade First attack kitana while avoiding mileena and jade. Once she is in the spell keep the two away. When you just battle mileena and jade keep punching them near the cages. When they are in the cages go up and use the...
  19. blazer


    Help!!! My mk2 is messed up!! It goes to fast! the music,game, and characters go too fast. I can only beat 1 character like this. I gotta stop it!!
  20. blazer

    My new scorpion sig.

    This is going to be my new sig. Please rate.