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  1. Borss36

    Story mode chapter 14 glitch?

    I'm on my first fight with Cyber Sub zero against Kabal and my x-ray won't work. I know I'm doing it right, it's not like it's firing and I'm getting blocked it just won't go. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. Borss36

    How do you block an xray?

    I'll be standing there blocking and I get x-rayed anyway. Does it differ from x-ray to x-ray? Like one starts with a low attack so you need to crouch block, and someone else's starts mid section so you need to be standing?
  3. Borss36

    Lazy Programming...

    The most disappointing part of this game is the cheating AI, particularly the Bosses. Shau Kahn is blinking yellow and just ignoring a landed strike? I mean really, how is that fun? Not to mention lazy on the part of Netherealm. It's bad enough that they can't program an Ai fighter to be good...
  4. Borss36

    Krypt question

    Is there any way to go back and look at the items you've unlocked (Illustrations, Kombat Kodes etc...) after you've left the Krypt?
  5. Borss36

    Unblockable AI? (chapter 5 storymode spoiler)

    I'm getting so frustrated . I'm playing story mode on hard. I'm only on the match with Liu Kang against Scorpion and Quan Chi. It's bad enough that they spam their teleports the entire match, but their constantly hitting me while I'm crouch blocking. Not to mention being pulled out of the air by...