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    Another MK Preview X-Play Video
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    MK at Dragoncon 2010
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    MK9 post launch balancing/hooks by boon
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    360 version - updated/patched

    I got the update screen when I turned on MKvsDC this morning. Anyone have any clue what they fixed/patched/updated?
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    Shao Khan art
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    mk vs dc wallpaper - catwoman vs kitana

    I know this one was requested...
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    mk vs dc pic pack 2 on xbla

    dunno how long this has been up, but the source i saw it from said it was just added, so to me it was new: Name: Mortal Kombat vs. DC United - MK Picture Pack 2 Price: Free Availability: All Xbox Live Regions too lazy to get on live to check it out, anyone know who's in this pack and i guess...
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    MK vs DC wallpaper 3 - Scorpion vs GL osx would love to do some requests if anyone has any. And since he wants to eventually draw everyone, feel free to choose from anyone except (supes, raiden, ww, sub, gl and scorp) Here is all his MK vs DC art so far, plus a few other...
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    More MK vs DC wallpaper - Raiden vs Superman and
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    MK vs DCU art by the great osx

    Loooooong time MK kommunity member, osx, (who now runs the online comic site - has some new, MK artwork posted. You may remember his flaming chrome dragon from the MK2 days that every MK fan site seemed to "steal". :) Anyway, check it out...
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    Catwoman a villain? wtf?

    In the gametrailers gameplay footage video, they announce Catwoman as a villain, but any DC fan knows that in current continuity she's considered more a "hero" these days. She is kinda a tweener in the comics, but always considered more the hero. (teaming up with batman in a recent arc and also...
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    The best MK2 rumors you tried or almost beleived...

    This goes out to the players old enough who were playing MK2 in the ARCADE when it first hit the scene...way back in those prehistoric days when having internet access in your house was considered new and rare :) Out of the fake FAQs and rumors that were hitting the arcades I visited back when...
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    MK vs DC news from Wizard World Philly '08 !!

    Just spoke with ******** at the Wizard World Philly Event. He was helping set up the DC booth. Sorry about not naming my source but for the few news bits he gave me, he asked I not reveal his name, so he wouldn't be revealed as a "spoiler monkey", his words. As he stated, he's part of the few...
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    To all AGMK/IRC MK'ers from '94-99

    anyone still around from or any #mkx/#mk3 on irc - '94-99 era? I'm too poor for UMK3 on the 360, so anyone getting the DS version, lets set some stuff up when the game comes out...