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  1. USSCrazybat

    Angel Beats!: Reaper's Bet!

    Well, after finishing Angel Beats, the plotbunnies began to attack me. I attempted to ward them off, but alas, I failed. Henceforth, I release this horrendous literature upon the forum. I pray that you forgive me. Prologue: Some time ago; Wake up. Wake up, C7. On your feet! Groaning, C7...
  2. USSCrazybat

    New Black Lantern and Red Son DLC!

    Just released on live: Blackest Night Pack 1 - Supes, Flash, Doomsday Compatibility Pack 3 - Containment Suit Doomsday Red Son Pack 2 - Batman (inarticulate fanboy squeal), Deathstroke, Green Lantern Hell yeah! (In other news, NRS has pulled a Skarlet again! Scorpion is FREE with your...
  3. USSCrazybat

    Injustice: Deathstrokes Among Us

    Hello, all. Injustice has been out for a bit, and the reaction has generally been very positive. However, since a lot of people are encountering a certain someone frequently online, I thought here would be a nice place to consolidate methods on how to show that trigger-happy cyclops what for...
  4. USSCrazybat

    Spare Season Pass

    Due to the fact that I had someone else pick up the game for me, they also ended up buying another season pass with the money I gave them, which I want to get rid of. I realise that mass trading threads are banned, but TYM has nothing, and I just want to get something. 360, looking for any skins...
  5. USSCrazybat

    WBID - Help needed

    Hello all, Got Injustice, lovin' the sheet out of it, but I can't sign into my WBID in the settings menu. When both my brother and I were signed in - he uses the parent account - the WBID was lit up and available. He clicked on it and it opened without a fuss. When I clicked on it it said that...
  6. USSCrazybat

    Oh Arrow skin, where art thou?

    Hi, As you all know, it's release date. I would have assumed that the gazillion Arrow skins I got from the battle arena would have been emailed to me but they haven't. When do you reckon they'll arrive?
  7. USSCrazybat

    Injustice IOS thoughts and more!

    Ok, so as some of you may already know, Injustice for iOS has been released. It's very much in the vein of AC Lockdown, but with more of an actual fighter feel, or at least so it seems. It features a sort of card system - you assemble a team of three characters, and can use them all in a fight...
  8. USSCrazybat

    Injustice Story Predictions

    So, after much deliberation, I have come up with a resonable estimation for Injustice's story. After looking at one of the new screenshots (the one with Nightwing and Flash), I noticed the threatening Superman billboard and the Superman statue - I assume Superman has taken control of the...
  9. USSCrazybat

    NEW Injustice DLC Announced

    Not sure if this has already been reported, but I've had a look at the primary threads, and there's nothing, so; Aside from the badass alts, what could this mean? Will there be an entirely separate "Historical" mode where we relive famous storylines, and is it replacing the challenge tower?
  10. USSCrazybat

    MUGEN - What do you think?

    So i've been looking through a few posts, and mugen MK games seem to get a pretty bad rep - i can understand that games like MK Anthology and MK Chaotic have wildly inbalanced AI and cheap, badly sprited pallette swaps as characters, but there are some excellent MUGEN MK's out there. MK...
  11. USSCrazybat

    Who really killed the Shirai Ryu?

    Just one thing I can't seem to figure out. In MKM it appears that the LK grandmaster made a deal with Quan Chi to eliminate the Shirai Ryu for them, but in the flashback in MK9, it shows hundreds of Lin Kuei killing the other klan (see what I did there?) and even has Kuai Liang cut down...
  12. USSCrazybat

    Losing the touch?

    Ok. Here's the deal. I used to be pretty good online (by my standards). My Win ratio is 280/240 approx. I logged on yesterday, after spending ages on Reach and Black Ops, hoping to take some wins. However, I lost every single match. I didn't go around picking guys who have a ratio of 1245/356...
  13. USSCrazybat

    Epic win=epic fail

    Ok, so my story goes like this. Before I got my copy of MK, I reserved the KE (which I didn't get:dong:). I contacted through email, to see if the codes were included. When I had to go to collect the standard edition, I just asked for the codes and they gave me them. Today...
  14. USSCrazybat

    Classic Scorpion Trailer for Gamestop

    Just browsing thru, when I stumbled on this: It's spliced in with some classic scorpion gameplay, and tells of a fictional disease called K.T.F or "Karpal Thumbel Syndrome", caused by excessive button mashing, due to the fact that some gamers cannot remember moves, and to win they are forced to...
  15. USSCrazybat

    GAME UK Preorder Costumes

    My brother was out today, and when he went into the GAME at the local shopping mall, he saw an MK display, showing the preorder bonuses - Scorpion, Jade, and Milliena. Coupled with the UK Amazon preorder, it allows people to get all preorder skins from only two retailers. The site hasn't been...
  16. USSCrazybat

    Final Redesign Thoughts

    So, chances are the game has already gone gold, and they are cranking up the servers and stuff, ready to activate in April. Before the demo comes out is there anything you'd like to say (aside from the reptile costume) that you aren't really liking, like the smaller things, the little things...
  17. USSCrazybat

    Possible Movie-inspired DLC?

    Just wondering, Ed says they are planning to do a lot of stuff with DLC, do you think they'll release content (costumes, stages, etc) inspired by the two MK movies and possibly rebirth? Really liked the ninjas in the first movie.
  18. USSCrazybat

    The little things

    Watching a few vids, and from the looks of things, they've worked more on Kitana's hair, the graphics are better, and so on and so forth. They've addressed a lot of technical problems that we've pointed out - can we really complain any more except for characters and costumes?
  19. USSCrazybat

    MK9 not getting enough Magazine Coverage?

    Just wondering, I have a subscription to UK PS3 magazine PLAY, and two issues back, there was this really nice four-page long MK piece with the (at the time) new Sonya shots. It covered everything, and I must have read it like five times. In the next issue, the only MK I got was a render of...
  20. USSCrazybat

    US Arcade Stick Compatability?

    I was just watching a MadCatz vid and I was wondering - would it be possible to get a US MK arcade stick and use it for any other region? I know games and DVDS and stuff have region lock, and I don't wanna get the fan made sticks even though they're awesome - the offical stick has enhance, throw...