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  1. Immortal Kombatant

    New Kombat Kast featuring KP2 @ESL Finals (1.24.2016)

    ESL announced the detailed schedule of ESL Season 2 Finals: The most interesting part is: Viewers and attendees will be treated to “The Mortal Kombat Festival” live from the ESL America...
  2. Immortal Kombatant

    QLOC is confirmed for PC port at last!

    I don't know if anybody even still cares for MKX PC but we had another patch yesterday, it was the 20th or something since the launch of the game. It was reported earlier that QLOC is on board to help HVS and there was an entry as daily qloc in the game's edit history on Steam. There was no...
  3. Immortal Kombatant

    MKX officially made the EVO 2015 roster!

    We can see it coming as NRS talked a lot about eSport and whatnot lately but now it's official: MKX is one of the main Tournament games at EVO 2015. Injustice will miss out though unless dedicated fans organize a side tourney for it. The official line-up: 1) Ultra Street Fighter 4 2) Ultimate...
  4. Immortal Kombatant

    MKX@Brasil Game Show 2014

    Nothing new from Ed on Twitter today so he should be on his way there. ;) Feel free to post anything (news, videos, articles, interviews) from Brasil. By the way, has anyone managed to find any streaming schedule for BGS? Twitch is an official partner of the event but I have found nothing so...
  5. Immortal Kombatant

    MKX@Gamescom 2014

    Ed Boon and co. have landed in Cologne so officially it has begun. Since we all have business to take care of, I suggest we collect all the MKX related news in this topic to not miss anything. So if any of you find out something new, feel free to post a link about it. I thought earlier that we...
  6. Immortal Kombatant

    German Gamepro article rough info guide

    Exclusive info from MK fans who bought the magazine online and transalated it for everyone: source: -Next gen power will really push the trademark brutality to new levels -24 fighters in roster (18 plus the six...