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  1. Rider

    Anyone Else Disappointed With the Story Mode?

    And i mean really disappointed?? I don't even know where to start. It's short, it's not exciting, it's boring. I almost fell asleep during the whole thing, overall it feels so stupid and rushed like they didn't even knew what to do, like they throw in these new characters just because they...
  2. Rider

    MKX Screenshots Thread

    I am opening this thread so we members of this forum can post and share our OWN screenshots from the game. Since some ppl already have the game on PS4/Xbox One it would be cool to see some few days earlier, if it's not against the rules. ;) Please don't post screenshots that you found online...
  3. Rider

    Official April 9th Kombat Kast: "The Final Kountdown" Discussion Thread STARTS AT 3:00 PM CST, if you don't know what that means for your Timezone, GOOGLE IT. EDITED BY TAJ GILL: Included the Time.
  4. Rider

    MKX Launch Trailer

    It's here! Just one week left. :) Better Quality:
  5. Rider

    PC Version / General Discussion Thread

    Please use this thread to discuss about the PC version of MKX. Since we are getting the game on the same day as consoles this time. Everything related to this version goes here: prices, hardware you are playing on, what will you be using to play the game, performance, mods, netcode, MP and...
  6. Rider

    Official Friday March 27th Kombat Kast Diskussion Thread

    Watch here:
  7. Rider

    MKX Cage Family Trailer

    And finally some Mileena footage! Edit: Graphics look amazing! Love it!
  8. Rider

    Official February 12th MKX Livestream Thread You guys better get ready for that Kitana vs. Reptile fight! Watch the live stream here:
  9. Rider

    Mortal Kombat X to feature microtransactions? Not buying if true!
  10. Rider

    Mortal Kombat X Kollector's Editions Announced! - No PC love! :( - Not feeling that figurine, why it always has to be Scorpion? ( BTW. 1st figurine...
  11. Rider

    Ermac Revealed

    They just revealed Ermac on Twitch Stream!
  12. Rider

    Kitana Revealed!

    Quan Chi: Finally found a way to kill me? Kitana: I know of many!
  13. Rider

    Ok we need to talk about the lack of female characters!

    Seriously we have 11 playable characters announced and only 2 of them are females! D'Vorah half-insect, half-woman and Cassie Cage. That's it. What do YOU think? Do you think that this is enough for now? How many females will we get in final roster? Do you want any specific female character to...
  14. Rider

    Kung Lao Revealed!

  15. Rider

    Guess the next character!

    Next character will be revealed on January 2nd (maybe earlier if we get a leak) in Games Master magazine. So let's play a little game. Who do YOU think it will be?? Male or Female? Brand New or "Old" character? Name?
  16. Rider

    Did you expect bigger changes when it comes to characters design?

    I was thinking about this last few days and i wanted to ask did you guys expect bigger, more radical or drastic changes compared to the MK9 when it comes to the "old" characters design? When i look at the Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Kano, Goro and Quan Chi i can say that i expected more. It's...
  17. Rider

    Quan Chi Revealed

  18. Rider

    D'Vorah General Discussion

    Discuss about D'Vorah in this thread. Her 3 variations: -Swarm Queen -Venomous -Brood Mother Known quotes: Ferra/Torr Intro: -D'Vorah: "You offend this one Ferra!" -Ferra: "What LadyBug do about that?" -D'Vorah: "Exterminate!" Cassie Cage Intro: -D'Vorah: "Puny Weakling!" -Cassie...
  19. Rider

    Your favorite new character is?

    Who is your favorite new character? Please vote and discuss.