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  1. squirt007nc

    [SPOILER] Who we know wont be in mk11 and your mk11 roster predictions.

    So after beating story its safe to assume the following wont be in mk11: Sektor Baraka Quan chi Mileena Shinnok Probably jax, sonya, kenshi and johnny to give spotlight to the 4 new hereos but they most certainly will be cameos.. Stryker Kabal Sindel and co probably wont be in the only revenants...
  2. squirt007nc

    what characters are you liking so far?

    For me most of the newbies. Kotal is omg so beast. I like sun god kinda better than war god but he will be very hard to learn he has a weird playstyle but i was chaining combos with the sun god variation. My old mains are still great and i reked wit them the most especially liu kang, raiden and...
  3. squirt007nc

    people preordered and still didnt get goro?

    Just heard from a few people that they preordered and got just a standard mkx with no codes from gamestop. Can anyone confirm this. If this is true i will go to walmart or target to get the game because thats a dick move by gs and nrs.
  4. squirt007nc

    Goro trailer revealed!!!

    He looks great .
  5. squirt007nc

    thoughts on final select screen

    It was the inevitable and i like it. I have several characters im maining: kotal kahn, raiden, kung lao, liu kang, takeda, king jin, erron black, subzero, scorpion, and shinnok. I also will use reptile, johnny cage, Kenshi, jax , and man i don't like the chicks but cassie, jacqui, sonya, and...
  6. squirt007nc

    what 5 characters do you think will be your LEAST played as?

    For me i know it will be: 1.Jason- fan of him and the movies but he just wont fit in mk imo. 2.Mileena- first time shes looked ok to me since mk2 and trilogy. Still not interested. 3.Quan Chi- never been a fan. Hes a great character story wise but just not for me gameplay wise. Won't ever use...
  7. squirt007nc

    rate the new characters in mkx 1-10

    Rate all the new characters. Kotal Kahn- 10. GOAT Takeda- 9. Love this guy. great gameplay Kung Jin-9. Love his history and gameplay. Erron Black-9. awesome design. His gameplay could suck balls and id still use him. Cassie cage-8. Not bad. Like the idea and her personality. Jacqueline...
  8. squirt007nc

    Rate mkx's overall roster from 0-100

    Overall ill give the roster a 90. Lots of great icons in and i like majority of the newbies. Nrs did a really great job with the roster overall. Its so many characters for me to choose from. Dlc isn't really that great imo so no bonus points for that.
  9. squirt007nc

    We know the Roster! List your mains, casuals, and characters you wont use.

    We know it people. Although we havent seen gameplay of everyone you should still have an idea of who you will main. You can give explanation as to why or anything its your list and you must categorize every character including dlc. Well here's mine: Mains: 1.Kotal Kahn 2.Raiden 3.Kung Lao...
  10. squirt007nc

    What's the first thing you're going to do once you have mkx?

    I'll probably stare at the case for a minute to cherish that i finally have the game after 10 long months of waiting. Idk if ill do story first or arcade with kotal. Probably story since i already know chapter 1 complete that chapter then on to arcade. What about you guys?