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    I super HATE challenge tower

    i just want to share with you how much i hate the f*** of challenge mode... its making me angry to a point i want to puke over mortal kombat... its so damn f***** frustrating ... there some challenges so much difficult make me want to throw my controller on screen.... i only want to say I...
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    For how long you will keep coming back to MK9 ?

    hiii guys For how long you think you can keep playing mortal kombat?? hours?? weeks?? months?? years?? as for my previuos fighting games: - street fighter 4 ( 2 weeks ) then left it forever, it was ugly and lack of content - soul calibur 4 ( 2 weeks maybe ) then left it forever because...
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    websites reviews and mortal kombat

    hiii guys its april now, in coming days we will read alot websites reviews about MK9 so what you all think the numbers will be??? i am seeing 8's
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    random X-RAY

    i always wonder why X-RAY are repetitive 1 move, why they didnt make it as RANDOM X-RAY HIT. for example: when your meter complete you can activate it and then any move you do will be X-RAY view, it will be more fun i am sure.
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    getting MK9 before 19th april???

    hiiiii guys do you think ( or wish ) that street release date will be broken??? as for me i think YES i feel i'll get MK before 19th april, like 3 days earlier than official date.