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    2nd Fatalities for KP2

    sorry if these have already been posted, but i wanted to share them .
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    Who's REALLY interesting in KP2?

    Cause I'm not at this point. With everything else coming out, and Ed Boon going to great lengths to ignore the fans questions about the games and only address useless tweets, I'm already forgetting that a KP2 is coming out. If they were to just say WHO they are, that would keep me at bay until...
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    Tremor's fatalities FULL

    They're cool I guess, but the 2nd one was kinda disappointing, thought he would do more than smash the head.
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    Tremor's Finishing Moves

    Tremor's finishers The bottom left, wow! Don't know what happened, and why theres 2
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    Tremor + Klassic Skins

    And before anyone says something, the Jax skin looks the same at first glance, but it's not. Purple pants, no stache, different arms.
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    Leaked Predator info

    FATALITY Everything in the title name That fatality is so weak. I was afraid of that.
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    Predator + Prey Skins

    Classic Scorpion Fatality Infared Skin Karl Weathers as Jax Commando Johnny Predator Keep in mind I'm on XB1, this is PS4. I just took the pics someone posted on Twitter. Update now on Xbox.
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    "The Impossible" Daily tower

    Who else is having (or had) trouble with the last character on the Tower? I had to play Goro :lol: and he spams the punchwalk and blocks everything lmao
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    Ideas for MK11

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    Kombat Pack people

    Do you know if we get Jason tomorrow? Since he comes out the 26th. I heard in a Kombat Kast that people with the Kombat Pack get DLC a week early and a gamestop employee told me the same thing. I'm pretty sure we do, just wanted to make sure.
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    Corrupted Shinnok

    does anyone else ever have a problem beating him... all he does is spam that damn charge shoulder and the blast of fire
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    Xbox One people (about the update)

    Is the update taking forever for you too? Mine has moved maybe 4% up in about 12-13 minutes
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    Does anyones Gamestop have a midnight release for MKX?

    Mine is releasing at 9:01 PST (I'm in Washington state) on Monday the 13th. But I was wondering if anyone elses is doing something similar?
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    Noob Saibot in MK X?

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    Top 5 Fav/Least Fav characters?

    Once again, I apologize if this has been posted before. Mine would be: Fav: Reptile Stryker Mileena Sub Zero Kabal Honorable Mentions: Raiden, Noob (Cassie and Takeda will probably be on here eventually, I just don't know enough about them yet) Least Fav: Kobra (joke of a character)...
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    What's your favorite fatality (from any game)?

    I'd say mine would have to be Sub Zeros from MK9 (the second in the video) Sorry if this has been posted before, was just curious.