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  1. aedanwolfe

    ssf4 vs mk9

    Over time ive seen people compare the two in ways, but nothing major. People favored sss4 for reasons and mk9 for others. Now myself, i never realy ever played street fighter games beyond maybe the first one a long time ago. i saw sss4 ae for cheap and snagged it up. wow was i in for a...
  2. aedanwolfe

    The great tier list debate!

    ive seen people post questions/ideas on tier lists. but instead of having someone post ther eidea of a complete tier list, why not have a thread dedicated to the individual players posting on why they think which chars are what tier. I strongly encourage discussion/debate on why you think a...
  3. aedanwolfe

    admitting to your suckage

    this thread is dedicated to all those that can heartily admit that they "suck" at this game. I know the terms, the theory and how its supposed to be implemented, hell ive provide my fair share of knowledge to different character guides. but it doesnt mean im good at this game! practice for...
  4. aedanwolfe

    think this would make a useful thread?

    so after i get things situated today im going to be compiling information. I was going to do it mainly for myself but i thought it would be a possibly helpful thread for everyone. the mixup high/low strings of the mk9 cast. basically id go thru every mixup/high/low string of every char and...
  5. aedanwolfe

    fight stick first impressions for mk9

    posting this here because its in regards to the fight stick and how it functions for me in mk9 as much as its for the fight stick itself. got a street fighter 4 tourney edition fight stick from ebay today, 120$ and modded with some orange buttons. came in original box that looks pretty much...
  6. aedanwolfe

    mk inspired ps3 skin!

    finally got my skin today, figured id post its pictures. and just because ive never posted a pic of myself (just learned how to put pics on my comp now lol) here is one of me, be careful, contents me be hazordous to your health. one thing to note, the top skin is slightly, ever so...
  7. aedanwolfe

    chars strengths/weaknesses

    so i thought this would be a interesting thread to make. people post quick little strengths and weaknesses of a char they feel they know well. Ill start Cyber Sub Zero Strengths -strong ground game combos, midscreen and wall -safe high/lows (3,3,2 and 3,4) -great anti zoner...
  8. aedanwolfe

    ebay and fight sticks

    So i find this street fighter 4 collector's edition tournament fight stick on ebay for 120 bucks. link but im afraid (never bought anything on ebay) and dont want to get screwed into buying something...
  9. aedanwolfe

    What type of player are you?

    Oftentimes your choice in characters can reflect on the type of player you are. 1. noob saibot 2. cyber sub zero 3. reptile 4. kano if i look at just the bottom 3, id say i enjoy characters that have a litle of everything. good zoning, capable of rushdown. noob sorta makes that weird...
  10. aedanwolfe

    finally have my top 4 (chars)

    1. cyber sub-zero-his rushdown and anti zoning made me fall in love with him 2. noob saibot- just something about noobs playstyle and general appearance that clicks with me. 3. kano- hell i made a guide on him, i better be maining him! gonna require more practice though 4. reptile- i wasnt sure...
  11. aedanwolfe

    Kano thread - "One dead Lin Kuei, in a tick!"

    ~No charge~ Kano is one of the original members of mortal kombat. Equal parts coward, madman, and sly tactician. He's an opportunist who will capitlize on your weakness and leaves nothing to chance. He is capable of favoring both a rushdown and a ranged zoning style, though teleporters you...
  12. aedanwolfe

    quitting a game

    do you have anything that results in you quitting a game? i admit i do, i dont care about my win/loss record that much i like to enjoy the match. basically if i see someone with a extremely high win/loss ratio and the first thing he does is pick cyrax the first thign i think is bombtrap...and...
  13. aedanwolfe

    choice between 2 fight sticks

    madcatz TE stick or hori v3 sa which one and why? figured id ask people who actually have experience with these things as i do not.
  14. aedanwolfe

    Should Negative Edge be Removed From The Game?

    anyone feel that this would be a good idea? as of now its causing me more trouble then helping especially on more advanced combos. a simple option to turn it off would be nice. atm it feels more like a deterrent then a aide
  15. aedanwolfe

    a 4th character.

    Ok, so some people try to master 6, but i just dont have it in me for that, 4 is my limit. i have 3. 1. noob saibot 2. cyber sub-zero 3. quan chi 4. ??? im very uncertain as to what should be my 4th. originally i never thought beyond a second.
  16. aedanwolfe

    fighting game terminology

    is there a post anywhere that explains them for the people who havent been using internet for fighting games until just recently? failing that. what does hit confirmable mean? ive been trying the past week to find out and i have so far been unable, google thwarts me again. some of the terms...
  17. aedanwolfe

    how do you get better?

    from a theoretical and analytical perspective i know my mains inside and out, i can tell you most if not all there combos from the top of my head and different strategies for different situations. hell i can even breakdown which combos are good for what, when and why but in actual...
  18. aedanwolfe

    your wishlist of changes

    within some form of reason though. not to make your fav char obscenely OP or to make your most hated a wimp. But things that to you would make sense. For me id like it if noob saibot had some mixups and slightly more powerful midfield combos. not alot, maybe like 4-5% more tops. if csz's...
  19. aedanwolfe

    finally learning a bit online

    and also learning i have some seriously slow reaction times or something. I main cyber sub zero, one of 2 characters that are supposed to almost always win a projectile war. sometimes even at full screen i dont input the iceball fast enough when a projectile is incoming, causing my animation...
  20. aedanwolfe

    so how do you deal with the lag?

    maybe its just me but i got online today to test out my cyber sub zero and the lag was a bit jarring for me. it completly skipped the char intros, there is a weird pause between the read....fight at the beginning as well. couldnt do anything out of the gate because i couldnt find the timing...