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    Who do I have to talk to in order to close this account?

    First off, this in not "the_pathfinder", this is his brother. My brother Alan is no longer with us so he obviously couldn't use the internet, he left me his computer among other things and I just finally got the courage to fire it up today to save some of our old pictures and close some old...
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    Departing Member. It was nice knowing you all.

    nothing to see here, move along.
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    Cassie Cage, her powers and the revenants.

    I had this thought pop in. How would you feel if in MK11, Cassie is able to break the dark magic that's corrupting Raiden, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Kitana etc. with her ancestral powers via an energy shockwave? Her powers allowed her to scrub out Shinnok, plus on Twitter, Dominic Cianciolo himself...
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    Who will die in MK11?

    Who do you all think is going to get the chopping block in MK11?
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    Death Battle: Warrior Queen Kitana vs. Dark Empress Kitana

    Scenario: Using the power gathered from the 7 kamidogus, the Netherrealm's Dark Empress, Kitana, breaches the divide between the Altered Timeline and the Original Timeline and invades the peaceful kingdom of Edenia. Meanwhile, her other self, the Queen of Edenia, rallies her insurgents to...
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    Back to the Kombat- I just realized something.

    I just realized that the current series of MK games is possibly taking it's inspiration from the Back to the Future franchise, and the fact that Ed Boon mentioned BTTF in press interview for both MKX and MK9 really got me thinking. The storylines are comparable. Bare with me and prepare to get...
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    Revealing Female Outfits in MK11?

    How would you all feel if in MK11 Kitana, Mileena and Jade went back to their old aesthetics and wore revealing costumes a la MK9 (as in thongs, cleavage revealing tops and high heels) while other females like Cassie, Sonya and Jacqui continued to dress modestly? I've said it before, but I...
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    Favorite Femme Fatales of MKX: The Poll.

    Out of all the females in MKX, which one is your favorite? Kitana? Mileena? Cassie Cage? Sonya Blade? Jacqui Briggs? D'vorah? Tanya? Sindel? Sareena?
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    Cassie Cage v Kitana- new rivalry?

    Is it just me, or does it seem like NRS is trying to set Cassie and Kitana up to be the new rivalry of the series? scorpion and sub zero buried the hatchet, kitana and mileena no longer acknowledge each other and prior to release, NRS seemed to be playing up the Cassie X Kitana rivalry by...
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    Mr. Boon will be @ E3! Will something be revealed at e3? Kombat Pack 2? Injustice 2? Shaolin Monks 2? MK11? Nothing? We'll find out soon enough.
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    The Big Bad of MK11?

    Who would you all want to see as MK11's main villain/boss fight? I wouldn't mind seeing either Evil, Corrupt Raiden or Shang Tsung powered by Shao Kahn's soul as the main boss fight with Evil Liu Kang as a pre-boss and the rest of the revenants as mid-story bosses.
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    Updated Character Usage List as of 06/09/15

    Stole these from a post on MKO :P 1) Scorpion 105, 216 2) Sub Zero 74, 122 3) Liu Kang 42, 968 4) Cassie Cage 40, 112 5) Takeda 39, 904 6) Johnny Cage 37, 538 7) Raiden 35, 864 8 ) Kenshi 33,754 9) Jax 31, 945 10) Jason 30, 881 11) Sonya 30, 576 12) Kung Jin 30, 125 13) Erron Black...
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    The Core Kombatants?

    If you were to pick 6 characters to be in every MK game from here on out aside from Scorpion and Sub Zero, who would you pick? Me? I would choose the following- Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Kitana, Mileena, Raiden and Reptile. 6 of the most popular and recognizable characters outside of Ice Ninja and...
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    Anita Sarkeesian has some MAJOR skeletons in her closet.

    ^Found this little gem in a recent article about the recent #GamesSoWhite fiasco. I never would've taken the Mother Theresa of online slacktivism for a racist.
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    4 more years?

    Apparently, Injustice 2 will be the next game from NRS, It's not being announced @ e3 because if it were, we would've heard something about it by now. So we'll get Injustice 2 in 2017 for MK's 25th anniversary :( and THAT my friends I'm not too happy about because I'm not interested in DC stuff...
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    Yet another MK11 plot idea....

    How about in MK11 we have the original timeline post-Armageddon converge with the current altered timeline, bringing with it a God-mode Shao Kahn. It would be interesting to see what happened after Armageddon and it would be the perfect way to cap off this run of games that started with MK9...
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    DC comics influence?

    Is it just me, or does it look like NRS is drawing a ton of inspiration from DC. I'm get heavy Darkest Night vibes when I watch Raiden's chapter in MKX's story mode and I kind of suspect that MK11 might possibly be "Injustice: MK-syle".
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    I get it now, NRS now HATES Liu Kang.

    Clearly, they do. This craps been going on since Tobias left. First, he dies in Deadly alliance and becomes a zombie for the next 2 games. Then, he dies in MK9, gets revived as a revenant and is now evil...the Jason Vorhees ending is really the icing on the salty cake here. I really miss the...
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    I kinda suspect that... the next game, Sindel will be freed from the curse towards the beginning/middle of story mode, then towards the end she'll sacrifice herself to free the remaining revenants. I suspect that that's what NRS is holding up their sleeves for MK11 (story wise). I mean, she's apparently an adept...
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    For those who don't know...

    The one an only Kelly Hu (aka Lady Deathstrike from the X Men 2 movie) voiced D'vorah, Sindel, and Frost in MKX. Pretty cool fact :)