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  1. Special Forces

    The Departing/Returning Members Thread

    And here I am, looking at some guides here to play the old MK games 15 years later.
  2. Special Forces

    New what? New Moon?

    I had the 'chance' to see this movie with my girlfriend yesterday... and I thought the first one was bad. This one is horrible. I'm not an anti-fan, I liked the books for sure. But I think this movie just sucks. My girlfriend is a big twilight fan and she didn't really like the it either. Lucky...
  3. Special Forces

    What Would You Want To Be Remembered For?

    No I didn't search for a thread like this, so I don't give a shit k. I have left the forum like a year and a half ago. BUT! I have been here two years, 2004 to 2006, trying to be a good person, trying to help the other members, trying to be the best moderator and getting all things under...
  4. Special Forces


    Do you play Dance Dance Revolution? What?!? You don't?!? Dude, you're not cool. DDR is a fantastic game. Matew and I took a video of my friend dancing on the dance pad. We thought it was funny and cool so we uploaded it on YouTube. Here's the link.
  5. Special Forces

    SF is leaving???

    Yes, unfortunately. This will all come as a huge shock to you and I can't believe it myself (yeah I read that somewhere). Why? Because I have no life, and I have to lose some lbs. I spend way to much time on the computor so I'm taking a break for some weeks, I have a lot of stuff to do with my...
  6. Special Forces

    Awards - Winners :o

    Best Member - DeathcoreRyknow Best Male Member - Disappointed Best Female Member - Angel Best Staff Member - Special Forces <3 Best Artist - KoRoneR Best News Submitter - Special Forces <3 Best Poster - DeathcoreRyknow Funniest member - Kryptonite Most active member - Disappointed TIE...
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    Finally! The awards thing has been accepted, but it's non-official, so no Karma, it's just for fun!!! Here's the list. (thanks to Kona) Rules: very simple. You copy everything that is in the quote box, and e-mail me your picks at (include your username). I will be...
  8. Special Forces

    Post some pictures of your bedroom!

    I took some pictures of my room and I thought I'd share with everyone :? My good ol' Liu Kang and Kung Lao, and a hockey card... guess' whos? You're right, it's José Théodore! My bed, yeah right :? Which movie is on my bed, huh? Yeah, it's Constantine! Tv with Xbox, VHS and...
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    TRMK memberlist

    The memberlist is back!
  10. Special Forces

    Vote for MK @

    Please vote everyday @ MK is third right now. stupid freak :wink:
  11. Special Forces

    If you had to meet...

    10 members from TRMK... Who would you like to meet in real life 8) I'd like to meet: Vixen :mrgreen: Patrick Jeff Disappointed Prophet DeathcoreRyknow K1LLKANO the_sim Midget Kong Malitor
  12. Special Forces

    My new sig and avatar

    <center> </center> Credit goes to syclone
  13. Special Forces

    Area 51 help (not the game)

    I have to answer the last question in an online quiz to win some games, so help me out. 8) Area 51- In which state did it happen?
  14. Special Forces

    What game are you playing right now?

    Ok, this is like the "What are you listening to" thread. You post what game you are playing, e.i. GTA San Andreas - PS2, Warcraft 3 - PC, Mortal Kombat:Deception - Gamecube, ect. Enjoy! 8) Halo 1 - Xbox
  15. Special Forces

    Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas

  16. Special Forces

    Stacy Stuff Vs. Stuff

    She's not nude so I think I'm ok. Stuff 2003 VS Stuff 2005 Me votey for the Stuff 2005.
  17. Special Forces

    Midway has released the SMonks box art!

    This is a small image, but who cares. I will post a larger one soon. Edit* :D I love it.
  18. Special Forces

    Spybot - S&D

    Every time I scan with Spybot I get Winpup32 (Ungültiger Datentyp für ") How do I remove that?
  19. Special Forces

    How tall are you?

    I'm 6'2
  20. Special Forces

    OMFG look at the tits on this!

    April fouls month 8) You didn't expect that didn't you!