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  1. jarvis653

    *SPOILER* End Game Revealed!

    I haven't seen this posted yet, my apologies if it already has. How this information was found: "I retrieved the PSN store download link using my laptop as a proxy, downloaded it to my laptop, used .pkg decryptor to extract the files, and this is amongst the contents of the English...
  2. jarvis653

    Kreate A Tower (idea)

    I was playing LBP2 recently. It actually got me wondering about all the customizable features that could be included in MK9, and I thought: wouldn't it be great if you could kreate your own tower? Make your own battle plan of kombatants, select their costumes, and decide who gets to be bosses...
  3. jarvis653

    Guide to Mortal Kombat in Australia

    The Australian MK community has been open about its outrage, as we've clearly taken a huge blow due to this banning. However, disputing it does not necessarily resolve our problem. It may help in regards to the push for an R18+ category, but we must realize that the addition of this category...
  4. jarvis653

    Scorpion and Sub Zero Fatalities

    I found these in the directory of We've seen both fatalities in other clips before, but it's worth posting as the videos look great. Below are links for standard and HD quality: Scorpion
  5. jarvis653

    Scorpion's Spear Edit

    First off, this topic has nothing to do with the design of Scorpion's spear, which I know has been discussed at length already. It is instead about the speed, and I'm surprised I haven't seen brought it up before. Watching Scorpion's gameplay videos, it's been the one thing that's bugged me...
  6. jarvis653

    Let's talk Rain

    I'm not aware of an MK9 thread for him, so thought I'd start one. Anyway, while I have strong doubts that he'll even be in the game (at least on disc), I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. Personally I really enjoyed classic Rain, and my preference for a new design would be a hybrid of his old...
  7. jarvis653

    Mortal Kombat 10

    Ok so I'm jumping way ahead here, but just for discussion's sake, what are your guys thoughts on what's to come after MK9/MK 2011? Personally, while it sounds extreme, I think it's possible that it'll be the last 'traditional' MK fighting game for a long while. To me, it seems that the only...
  8. jarvis653

    Getting An Official Statement

    EDIT: In light of some continued, lengthy discussion on this game's development, I've decided to forgo all plans on obtaining an official statement. Even if the situation did warrant it, the (unsurprising) lack of interest towards this topic would make it a waste of time. For now I'm happy to...