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  1. D Dog master of war

    Official Pokémon Thread

    If you love/like Pokémon this thread is for you. Talk about Pokémon,Trainers,Gyms,Gym leaders,Evil Teams. and here are the rules. 1. No spam 2. No offensive speech(as rasciem,or put downs for liking a Pokémon you don't like) 3. Don't bash the new generations or don't be a genwanner(try not...
  2. D Dog master of war

    D Dog's Pokemon X & Y adventure

    I will be doing a update about this game and my adventure about my playthorough. I will update this place with pokemon X & Y teams,moves,TM/HM secrets, and Mega-Stone locations. Pokédax data and information about the pokemon and much more! BTW what starter should I use? So I will update this...
  3. D Dog master of war

    Are you getting DmC:Devil may Cry?

    Guess what?DmC got released today..I want too know if your getting?And what platformer are you getting it on Yes I'm getting it but not know ): I'm getting it on my B-Day(may 26) I'm getting it on X-Box 360
  4. D Dog master of war

    X-Box 720?

    people Say X-Box 720 might be releases in 2013 December something...gamestop says so,and microsoft may be releaseing it this year...What do you think about this It plays blue-ray
  5. D Dog master of war

    Mortal Kombat Vs. Street fighter

    On a Dark blue Night,Sub-zero Was Training in The Deadly Woods.He Was Punching and kicking Trees.He came To a stop and said to himself"I wonder if there is other Fighters in this world?Well If I find a great unknown Warrior I well Fight Him."He Said To himself in Heroic voice.He keep...