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    The recorded live stream video

    Moderators, please delete this accidental thread.
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    The one thing I hate about MORTAL KOMBAT..

    Yess..the one thing that I feel all fighting games need.. Mhmm, the one thing I feel could make MORTAL KOMBAT even better because it doesn't include as of yet.. It is.. How important is this to you? How many of you would like to see this implemented in a Shao Khan-esque way in future games?
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    Cyborg Reptile?

    Click Here---> Cyborg Reptile <---Click Here ..but is this video image the real or just a fake image of it? If it is real is it an Alt or Unlockable or DLC? Whatever it is in this video, it looks perfect for "cyber reptile armor" if the Mk team ever did create it. Mhmm yess, I drool acid...
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    Mortal Kombat Team Groups (Come join!)

    I was shocked to see I didnt have a group, so I took that as a sign to create a group where all Reptile fans alike could join up and talk about my Saurian greatness. There were Teams: Quan Chi, Liu Kang, Ermac, Cage, Kitana, Baraka, Raiden, Scorpian, Mileena, and..Havik. Surprisingly no Team...