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  1. UncleKabuki

    Rain .gif (immature, but I thought it was funny)

    I made this .gif in honor of Rain's release. I saw the water spray and instantly I thought "GIF TIME!"
  2. UncleKabuki

    New pictures of the Jazwares 4 inch line.

    In case you didn't know, Jazwares is once again making Mortal Kombat toys. I just found some new pictures of the 4-inch line. They are in the link below.
  3. UncleKabuki

    Ed Boon went on one of his retweeting sprees today...

    Here is an article covering the highlights: I hope he ain't trolling lol. He talked about Rain, confirmed that Bo Rai Cho would not be in for DLC (which has been stated a few times, yet people still ask for it), and hinted at the MK3 cyborg costumes that I'm obsessed with...
  4. UncleKabuki

    Kintaro's Intro

    Me and my friend were playing the arcade ladder, and I never really thought much of it before, but we wondered who's head Kintaro stomps in his intro. There is a video below that shows it. We thought maybe it was a developer or something at NRS. Or is it a random guy? Anyone know?
  5. UncleKabuki

    Code Trading?

    Just wondering if anyone is interested in trading a Scorpion Klassic Kostume for a Reptile Klassic Kostume(for the PS3).
  6. UncleKabuki

    Xbox 360 Exclusive Discussion

    I'm not sure if this is old, but I think I've found a 360 exclusive. In this picture of the 360 Kollector's Edition, the voucher says "Mortal Kombat inspired avatars represent you as a player in our new online King of the Hill mode."