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  1. Goddess

    Soul Calibur VI

    Hey! I didn't know where to put these, but I'm kinda proud of my creations despite not having many customization options this time around. Enjoy! :love: Kitana, Mileena, Jade Poison Ivy Sheik and Princess Zelda
  2. Goddess

    The Goddesses of Outworld

    Edenians looking like Edenians (for once). Made here:
  3. Goddess

    MK in outer space? What would happen?

    This is NOT an idea for a next game so please don't start bashing. It just popped in my head, so I wanted to bring it here for discussion. What if MK did take place in space? What if Outworld and Earthrealm were different planets. How much of the story would be changed? How would characters...
  4. Goddess

    Soulcalibur V Creations

    I was so surprised to see no one has posted any of their custom creations! So here is a thread to post them in :) I just bought this game yesterday and I'm getting the hang of it. I made Kitana, Jade, and Mileena. I will be improving them once I unlock more equipment, but they turned out quite...
  5. Goddess

    Injustice confirmed characters

    Aquaman!! He's so cute <3 Haha I missed doing that, but seriously, maybe he can actually work in this game. I just hope he doesn't look silly... Wonder Woman for example...a leotard and leggings? Ugh. On a side note: I hope they add a good number of female heroes (or villains) I would love to...
  6. Goddess

    Circumsized - Uncircumsized

    First of all, I'm making this thread assuming everyone is mature enough to discuss this. If you have nothing useful to add to this discussion, please leave. So, one of my best friends (who will be kept anonymous) is a gay 17 year old. He's been with his boyfriend for 2 years. He has been...
  7. Goddess

    Which Nintendo Character are YOU!?

    i must say, i am most like Princess Zelda. i am calm & honest, & i love to help people. & i am also like Sheik (Zelda's alter-ego) i can get real mad when people push my buttons, & i will fight for what is right.
  8. Goddess

    My Soul Calbur IV Mortal Kombat Characters :)

    lol so ive been messing around with the character custom on SCIV & made some MK characters :) tell me what u guys think. Princess Kitana Kitana's Alternate Jade Mileena Mileena's Alternate Liu Kang Sonya Kano (LOL @ ames32's timing)
  9. Goddess

    MK 10 Character Ideas With pic

    alrighty, so i found this picture, & it looks like these characters should be in MK 10. i really like these designs. kitana looks gorgeous & her alternate looks stunning. i also hope subby can go back 2 his human form :) & jade's hair....omg i sometimes wish NRS had some talented designers :/...
  10. Goddess

    The Disney Guys...SEXY!!??

    haha i found this & i HAAAAD to share!! ladies, pick ur prince charming ;) im going with Eric, Peter Pan, & Will Turner.
  11. Goddess

    My Princess Dress Design for Kitana

    so i was playing soul calibur 4 today, and i saw something that really caught my eyes. so hilde (the princess in the game) has a princess dress alternate, its not like most princess dresses though. its skimpy yet very regal. so i was thinking, why not design a battle dress for kitana. so i did...
  12. Goddess

    Which Final Fantasy Character are YOU Most Like?

    i would say im most like rosa from final fantasy 4. shes sweet, caring, brave, & will do whatever it takes 2 help the man she loves. & helllooooo, shes a princess :P
  13. Goddess

    My Evil MK10 Queen Kitana

    well as we all know, kitana was killed off & lives in the netherrealm now. quan chi will probably make her his queen so ive came up with a concept :) please tell me wat u think. love it or hate it.
  14. Goddess

    The Make-up Thread

    hey :P we gotta start somewhere. do u remember the 1st time u ever wanted 2 look pretty and HAD to where make-up, or maybe just because u wanted to? do u have fun putting make-up on? which are ur favourite brands? guys, u can reply as well if u have ever worn make-up or why u guys dont take 1...
  15. Goddess

    Jade's 2nd Fatality

    sorry if already posted :P
  16. Goddess

    Queen Sindel's Fan Made Theme

    lol i heard it, & it sounds amazing!! just wanted 2 share :) it has a tragedy kind of vibe 2 it
  17. Goddess

    Kids Playing Rated M or 18+ Games

    what do u guys think, i mean theres lots of parents that get their kids games without knowing what its about, or cant understand the rating label :P
  18. Goddess

    Princess Kitana's Intro X-ray & Fatality (ok quality)

    lol i found it on youtube & i thought it would be cool 2 share with u all. enjoy <3
  19. Goddess

    Redesigning Princess Kitana's Outfit

    well i found this on google & i like how it resembles mileena's outfit because they ARE twins after all, wat do u guys think?
  20. Goddess

    Jade as Kitana (FAKE but PRETTY)

    so i was doing some google image search 4 kitana pictures, & i found this cool jade/kitana render & i thought id like 2 share with u all ^_^