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  1. PaperW8

    Do you even play UMK3 on your Iphone??

    Assuming you have an Iphone that is lol I thought it was pretty cool at first but after playing it for a while i kinda only play when im EXTREMELY bored but thats rare. Barely any of the characters i play with are even on the game and controls just do not work well with the iphone IMO But i...
  2. PaperW8

    Rage Quit

    Thought this was pretty funny lol
  3. PaperW8

    What are you looking foward to this E3??

    Nintendo: Localization of "The Last Story","XenoBlade",and release date of "Tales of Graces" and "LOZ:SS" New 3DS Titles (Launch titles were garbage minus SSF4) And announcement of Project Cafe Microsoft: Not much actually, not a big 360 fan....maybe some more...
  4. PaperW8

    Have you ever run into THOSE type of Mileena players

    And what i mean is, the ones that dont really fight but like wait for you to make a mistake and then retaliate with a tele-kick or that Gosh forsaken roll lol And no, im not saying she is broken by any means but it can be very fustrating fighting them I dont think ive lost to a Mileena player...
  5. PaperW8

    I am deeply Offended!!

    I usually go on to read forums and check to see new info other games i am anticipating (Much like this Forum). And when go to gamefaqs there is a poll everyday about random things and today the poll was: "Which scheduled April release are you most looking forward to?" And as a...
  6. PaperW8

    Who's Going to 2011 EVO ??

    Im going but only as a casual im not sure if im ready for the hype of being in a tourney. I just happen to be doing something in Vegas the same weekend, so i said why not stop buy and check out because ive never been to tournament before. So who else will be making an appearance?