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  1. MaxDam

    Post the pics of your KAK!

    I don't have the game but I've found these cool ones: I'd like to see yours lol.
  2. MaxDam

    X-Men 3: The last Stand review!

    It's not my review and it contains spoilers. But in a long time I think it is the best review I've read in a long long time. This guy Vern is hillarious and I thought I should share it. The thing is that Vern doen't have a clue about the comics witch makes this review more enjoyable. Read on...
  3. MaxDam

    Need a band name!!

    Hey guys, i've being in this band lately and we did great gigs, people ask for more everytime, we are playing in bars and hotels. We actually get paid. I don't play for that reason but it's nice to cash in. Don't know if some of you remember my post about who was in a band? no? ok so we are a...
  4. MaxDam

    Spiderman 3 pics and Spoiler!

    I guess if you clicked is that you want to see: Here is a pic of Venom: And here is the Teaser poster: For more spoilers about the fights and other stuff: check this link:
  5. MaxDam

    Scorpion Fatality!

    Ok, here is an old idea I had on how I've always wished Scorpion to use his spear and his breath of fire in one single fatality. Don't look at the quality, this is most of a copy and paste job. It's the "idea" that I like:
  6. MaxDam

    Peter Jackson Executive Producer of HALO!

    It appears that it is confirmed, check out the link for the full story:
  7. MaxDam

    Star Wars EpIII, deleted scenes added for the DVD. (pics)

    If you enjoyed the movie like I did, I guess you'll be glad to know that some scenes were added for the DVD release. You get too see more of Grevious instead of running away all the time Poor Shaak Ti. It's nice to see Yoda getting to Dagobah. Take a look:
  8. MaxDam

    Who's in a band?

    I used to be in a Death Metal band, years ago. We used to make some compositions and playing some Sepultura, Metallica, Carcass, Hypocrisy, Loudblast... but well, we went all on our separate ways because of some got jobs in different cities, and the band split up unfortunatly. Recently, I have a...
  9. MaxDam

    Superman Returns Trailer!

    Wanna have a look? You don't see much and most of it I already saw it in the ComicCon. But for those who haven't, here it is: Good thing they kept the original Superman theme.
  10. MaxDam

    What are the games that you bought and that you regret?

    Regret or disappointed with: GTA: Vice City: Many will critize me but I tried so hard to like it, I did have more than 30 hours of gameplay to tell you how hard I tried to like that game but I felt that the storyline wasn't that appealing to me. Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance: Probably because...
  11. MaxDam

    FAKE: MKD Kenshi Fatality!

    I did that one before the release of MKD
  12. MaxDam

    FAKE: MKDA Director's cut!

    An old fake I did long ago.
  13. MaxDam

    Who owns an HDTV?

    Not that it is that important I'm just curious to know how many persons in here owns one.
  14. MaxDam

    FAKES: My best works

    Hey everyone, I noticed a lot of activity in the Artwork section so I decided to post some fakes I did years ago. Some knows my work and some don't .I've stopped making fakes mainly because I lost interest in MK. Here there are: Some are concept and the Dragon King was made...
  15. MaxDam

    Gifts that you don't want to get for Christmas!

    There is always something you get every Christmas that you don't want. Like shirts or pair of socks you usually get from the family. Always the wrong size or it is the colors you don't like. :roll: You can always post the gift you woudn't like the get?
  16. MaxDam

    MK Deception dvd!??!?!?!

    what the hell?
  17. MaxDam

    Am I the only one who lost interest in MK?

    It kinda started with MKDA I think. I played MKD for a week and I haven't played it since. After konquest, I tried to see eveybody's ending but halfway through, I lost interest. I'm not saying that MK is bad in any way. I just lost interest in the MK world.
  18. MaxDam

    Metal Gear Movie

    Movie rights are up for sale. November 29, 2004 - Gaming fans have long salivated over the prospect of a Metal Gear movie. And now it seems that the game's creator, Hideo Kojima, is joining in the anticipation. Kojima has held tight to the movie rights for years, even after being courted by...
  19. MaxDam

    Scorpion spear move for Shujinko!

    What technique did you use to beat him and with whom?
  20. MaxDam

    Liu Kangs' Alt and nexus arena? where and when?

    I have problems locating these two? I would apreciate some help!