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  1. MKShao_Kahn

    Farmer Jax won't

    So, despite seriously disliking the game, I decided to unlock the Farmer Jax costume on MKX mobile app. After wasting quite a bit of time, I finally beat the third bracket and checked my mobile > console unlocks page and indeed, Farmer Jax has been unlocked. So I turn on my console to claim the...
  2. MKShao_Kahn

    Cyber Sub-Zero in the klassic tower mode

    Question for all those who have the Kombat Pack 2 already: does Cyber Sub appear as an opponent in the klassic tower? I am really curious about it :P
  3. MKShao_Kahn

    Story mode

    Anyone else would support the idea of playing as the villains in the story mode? The only villain we got to play as in Mortal Kombat 9 story mode was Scorpion, but technically he is a neutral guy working for the forces of darkness. Mortal Kombat is not a superhero game where the good must...
  4. MKShao_Kahn

    So if you can choose to play as Torr without the little lady...

    ... how can you perform their fatality from the trailer? Does that mean that depending on the style you choose, you have different possibilities for fatalities?
  5. MKShao_Kahn

    Rate the NEW characters and stages!

    Based on what we have seen, rate the new characters and stages on a scale of 1-10. Note that this is more about your first impression since we have not seen much of them yet. CHARACTERS: Ladybug Giant & Midget Aztec warrior Stages: Snowy forest Shipyard stage The tomb with figurines (shown...
  6. MKShao_Kahn

    The snowy forest in the trailer...

    Do you think it will be an arena in the game? In MK9 CGI trailers like this one, they had different characters fight in arenas that were in the game. Sure, it is a bit of a simplistic arena but it has a great atmosphere + plus it would be awesome if you could use those tree branches as weapons...
  7. MKShao_Kahn

    Say YES/NO to MK characters coming back

    ROUND 1: ASHRAH Ashrah is a demon from the Netherrealm who has found the means of purifying her soul by slaying other demons with a holy sword. She was introduced in Mortal Kombat Deception as one of the 9 new characters. She had 4 special moves including a short-range projectile, an...
  8. MKShao_Kahn

    Say YES/NO to MK characters coming back

    Which MK Characters Should Come Back in the Future Mortal Kombat Games?? So this is an idea I got from the MKO forums and I thought it would be nice to have something like this going on the TRMK as well (especially now with the anticipation of a sequel to MK9). In this thread we will...
  9. MKShao_Kahn

    What was the one thing MK9 did not deliver?

    Personally, I see MK9 as an almost perfect game - it was an outstanding piece of fanservice, which is something that a majority of MK fans would agree on. My question for you though, is what was missing? And how can it be addressed in the sequel? As MK9 tried to provide the full MK1-MK2-MK3...
  10. MKShao_Kahn

    MK10 or just Ed fooling around?

    Take a look at this tweet: RT @sidshuman So...are any publishers showing anything for DICE? Noobde: Other than MK10, nothing from us. ;) For those who didn't know(like me :D) D.I.C.E. is a gaming event scheduled from 7th-8th february. So what do you guys think of this?
  11. MKShao_Kahn

    So...I've got only one trophy to go..

    Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well it's not because that trophy is "My Kung fu is stronger".. My question to you guys is: Are you too stuck with this trophy, is it the last achievement you need?
  12. MKShao_Kahn

    Characters you used to hate/dislike but started to like thanks to MK9

    If you ask me, all the characters in MK9 never looked & played better. MK team really did an outstanding job with this game and returned the characters to their former glory and even higher. My question is, were there some characters you used to dislike but you changed your opinion and started...
  13. MKShao_Kahn

    The toughest characters to face offline?

    Playing ladder on hard/expert, who is giving you the most trouble?
  14. MKShao_Kahn

    HOW come I didn't get to download any update? SO confused...

    I'm not getting any update when I start my's very frustrating Hope someone can help me
  15. MKShao_Kahn

    Fix Nightwolf's shoulder charge! It's ridiculous...

    The thing is I can beat all kinds of pros, spammers, etc... But there was this guy yesterday having stats like 250W 15L, so I challenged him. I picked Cyrax, he picked Nightwolf. I had literally no chance of attacking, he would always time his shoulder charge well. I got beat by one's...
  16. MKShao_Kahn

    Which trophy/achievement gave you the most trouble?

    So out of all trophies you got so far, which one was the hardest, most frustrating or time-consuming to get? :twisted: I have two on my mind, first is "I might be the strongest". The last two Test your might challenges were the only two I skipped in the Challenge Tower. I simply couldn't do it...
  17. MKShao_Kahn

    Ladder master trophy!

    Who did you get it with and who gave you the most trouble? I did it with Sub-Zero, I lost one round to Mileena, although Shang was the most challenging one. Kintaro and Shao were basically the same as on medium. So what is your experience? P.S. I hope I won't lose all the trophies I got for...
  18. MKShao_Kahn

    Kintaro's and Goro's second fatalities!
  19. MKShao_Kahn

    What was your most favourite & least favourite story chapter?

    For those who seen or played the story mode
  20. MKShao_Kahn

    For those who either beat or seen the story mode...

    Without giving any spoilers, how would you rate it from 1-10 and why? thx! :flowers: