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  1. DaTrOllBusTa

    my newest book

    alright..ive been away for a little bit. but i return with some good currently in the works of making my 2nd book called Wretched Scars its going to have poems and short story's in it its going to be a darkish type book with some faith thrown into it im very excited and happy with the...
  2. DaTrOllBusTa


    i just recently AA'd Deltamax for the first time on pad :3 im very happy (stepmania)
  3. DaTrOllBusTa


    any DDR players/ITG here? what are your top 5 songs and do you still play them to this day ether arcade or stepmania? i plan on buying a DDR machine here soon and planning on putting my stepmania in it to play it my top 5 songs to dance to are 1: the legend of max 2:drop out 3: Sakura...
  4. DaTrOllBusTa

    possable SF3OE patch???? this is just stupid if they do this
  5. DaTrOllBusTa

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    <--- lol da fuuuu i can see it now......ARE YOU READY TO ****ING WIGGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also since people are posting pics of them selfs......this is me >_>
  6. DaTrOllBusTa


    does Anyone here still play ggpo? if so id love to get some matches in with you
  7. DaTrOllBusTa

    Favorite TV Shows/Cartoons

    nuff said!
  8. DaTrOllBusTa

    New counter strike

    a new counter strike is on its way to ps3 xbox and pc <---- link
  9. DaTrOllBusTa

    custom shirts

    well im makeing and selling shirts for people to get to evo and collage funds as u know alot of great players cant get to evo becuz they dont have money this is the front of my facebook group the page with 350+ members now the back of the shirt is custom made of your chooseing this...
  10. DaTrOllBusTa

    "its time to split" TIME SPLITTERS 4

    YES time splitters 4 is on its way finaly got one game off my wish list anyone else hyped?