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    guys how is the pc version of mortal kombat...???

    i need lots of reviews and i hope there good for me to buy this game ty on steam thnx... for opinions please post i want it.... cuz i sold consoles....
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    the klassic fightstick is epic im thinking about getting another one... just for vs

    looks pretty sick and more challenging on stick.... imo. controller is just 2 ez.
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    just bought the classic fightstick holy shit

    i jizzed in my pants when i saw the box.... imagine if i open dat shit up. = jizz lol
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    Im looking for a disc content for all mkarcade games trilogy put together on a disk?

    this possible .... maybe theyll bring out hd collection on a disc content with that sick ass cover art of all cabinets would be pretty sick or even the original games 1 2 3 on a disk would be sick
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    New patch all the characters hours and stats all reset? .......

    pm me with info cuz all my stuff reset....
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    NRS should revive this series Killer Instinct 3

    i thinkk they would do such an amazing job ............ just like they did with mk9... imagine ki3 with like 300 hit combos or some crazy shit lol let me know wat you guys think. NRS is awesome.
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    NRS should make a trilogy of mk1 mk2 and umk3 all in hd.

    new actors sprites etc everything hd this would be so badass i would cut off my leg and give it to them .... 500 $ donatation from everyone on trmk if the game is 200 $ trilogy mk1 mk2 umk3 in hd .... ill pay 200 $ for it i dont care just give the fans what we want old sschool mk in hd would be...