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  1. Noob Saibot 2011

    Mk 1 living tower ????

    I have looked around and can't seem to find anything about this. But has anyone noticed that there is a image of the MK 1 arcade cabinet on the "Coming Soon" screen for the living towers on the main menu ??? My guesses are they could be 1. Adding MK1 into the game kind of like what they did...
  2. Noob Saibot 2011

    Release date changed to 17.4.2015 ???

    I just noticed it at the end of the briggs trailer. Is this an april fools or what ??
  3. Noob Saibot 2011

    Roster Size

    It's most likely we will see the roster size (amount of shadowed slots) at E3 next week. But for now. how many kombatants do you hope will be in MK: X. I reckon it will be around the size of MK9. Atleast for 360/PS3. I don't know if XB1/PS4 will have more. It would be a sore one if that were to...
  4. Noob Saibot 2011

    Favourite Stage

    What stage arena do you like the most in MK9. I would say the Tower as it looks just like its old self from MK2. Also the fast changing sky in the background is awesome.
  5. Noob Saibot 2011

    Curious question about the PIT

    Anyone know what pit is first. is it day or night. I would have thought it was night because of the smoke in the sky showing the volcano is about to set off then day as its already erupted with fireballs and that. And incase you want to know why i am asking this amazing question. i just get...
  6. Noob Saibot 2011

    No Blood???

    I will still buy this game even if there isnt blood. But from all vids i have seen. it looks blood free. I thought boon confirmed injustice to have blood. Has he scrapped the idea?.
  7. Noob Saibot 2011

    MK shaolin monks port still possible???

    I remember a while back folk were asking boon on his twitter if he would port MKSM to xbox and ps3. He seemed to be quite happy with the idea. I'll try to find the tweets later. Do you reckon it's still possible for this to happen. I never got to try MKSM and never knew About it back in the ps2...
  8. Noob Saibot 2011

    how do you make opponent slip off spikes?

    Every time i try it doesnt work. Anyone know the button input to make your enemy fall off the spikes in kombat tomb stage. thank you
  9. Noob Saibot 2011

    mk deception bonus disk

    does anyone know if the bonus disk which has MK1 can be played on a 360. thank yaw
  10. Noob Saibot 2011

    Screen test mode on MKAK. UMK3.

    This is AMAZING LOL. just tried this. still works.
  11. Noob Saibot 2011

    Alien Colonial Marines worst game of the year?

    I know we are only in february but to be honest i can't see any other game this year being as bad as Aliens: colonial marines. According to almost every review there is. It is a HIGHLY unfinished game. But has anyone here got it? If so is it really as bad as they say. the screenshots looked...
  12. Noob Saibot 2011

    Mortal Kombat 10 announcement this year?

    Does anyone else feel it is time for Mortal Kombat 10 to be announced this year at E3????. Don't get me wrong i know they are working on Injustice but by the time E3 arrives it should be long done and dusted and on shelves. Or do you feel it's still too soon for another MK announcement. MK9...
  13. Noob Saibot 2011

    do you think you could be living in a haunted house?

    have you ever seen something odd in the corner of you're eye or have you felt like you are being watched. i seem to get strange things in my house at night. when i am alone. i am always sure i hear someone walking up and down the stairs when i try to sleep. some mornings i will wake up to find...
  14. Noob Saibot 2011

    Nostalgic SNES games.

    Nothing can get more better than this:
  15. Noob Saibot 2011

    What do you think will be the next release after Injustice?

    Injustice still has a while to go but how time fly's anyway. So after injustice is finished with the release and DLC and such what do you expect that NRS will be doing next? I wouldn't mind if they decided to do MK: Shaolin Monks HD or something for download. What do you think?. The reason i...
  16. Noob Saibot 2011

    The first EVER user to join TRMK?

    Just a question. Who was the first member to JOIN trmk?. Hasn't this site been on since the early 90's haha :)
  17. Noob Saibot 2011

    Anyone know the reason why MKA and MKD are BC but not MKDA?

    Just wondering why is MK Deception backwards compatible as well as MK Armageddon but not MK Deadly Alliance? It kinda annoys me because MK deadly alliance was just as big a title as what Mk Armageddon was. And it was my favorite MK in the last gen console's. Somehow is this because midway...
  18. Noob Saibot 2011

    MK 3-D Kollection

    Would you buy the old MK's that were on PS2/XBOX. (MKDA,MKD,MKA). The reason i thought of this was because of the Arcade Kollection they brought out last year. So would you buy it if it was in the same messy state as MKAK was before the patch was released. What price would you expect the...
  19. Noob Saibot 2011

    Out of stage GLITCH!!!!

    What do you think. :D. yep it is a useless glitch but FEELS funny leaving the fighting barriers.
  20. Noob Saibot 2011

    MKDA: more violent than MK9?

    What do you think. I still think MK9 is the goriest MK. But MKDA really isn't that far behind it. (Except for quan chi's fatality) When scorpion spears your head off in MKDA parts are scattered EVERYWHERE on the floor making it look over the top. However its still nothing compared to noob's...