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  1. MKF30-mkdc

    New Mash up Vid on IGN!

    Awesomeness, Lex vs. Jax! Kano vs. DS and Joker! :-D
  2. MKF30-mkdc

    Newer Gamespot preview/first impressions. It's good.

    Well, this was just added today on GS played the more or less final build of the game, this is the unofficial review/preview. They like it a lot Check it out, looks like GS will like the game from their first impressions hands on preview. :-D...
  3. MKF30-mkdc

    Newer 10 minute interview with Ed Boon from Giantbomb...

    Cool interview, the dude that got fired from Gamespot over that dumb Kane and Lynch or whatever is working for giantbomb now, cool lol
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    Newer Youtube Video showing Breakers, check it out!

    Well, check out what I found. Newer youtube vid on ukyoutube MK vs. DC vids, it shows Batman vs. Superman and you see some good, clean shots of the newer Breaker system where you have 2 per Rage fill or can choose to fill it full and use Rage. Check it out, looks pretty neat IMO...
  5. MKF30-mkdc

    Newest MK sculpture...

    Ok, well this is the newest one I've made. A bit challenging I have to say more then Sektor, but not quite as difficult as Cyrax was. Anywho, enjoy! I was torn at first between his human look and cyber look, I didn't want to make MK3 Cyber Smoke because I already made Sektor and could just (if...
  6. MKF30-mkdc

    The most messed up, wrong KAK I've seen online! : O

    I know, pretty messed up....I actually chuckled at the fact that how demented people are to create characters like that online.... I didn't tape the match unfortunately but the guy at one point posted on MKO within the past month or so I saw this and since this is the KAK forum figured I'd...
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    Your thoughts on the Terminator TV series?

    Just curious if there's any other Terminator fans on here, I watch it. It's alright...could be better and the storyline is a bit "out there" to say the least with going into the future/alternate etc I think it's entertaining to watch but I don't enjoy it nearly as much as the movies.
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    Any Smallville or Superman Fans here?

    Ok, well elsewhere I have a few Smallville threads that have done well on one forums especially with well over 1,000 posts. Well, since there's lots of comic fans on here I'm hoping the same will happen here but we'll see : ) Anywho, I've been watching Smallville every season, every show never...
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    MK sculptures that I've made thus far, more to come enjoy!

    Well, this is the first time I've posted anything art related on this site. I didn't even in fact find out that there was an art related forum til now. But it's pretty cool. Anywho, while most people paint and draw I enjoy sculpting from scratch. You might have seen some people "customize"...
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    New Gamespot video showing Joker gameplay!!!

    Well, just found this new GS vid showing off The Joker hehe he's in the background doing some specials and fighting if you watch behind Boon's head. Looks awesome! Boon also explains more about "Rage" mode
  11. MKF30-mkdc

    More new Comic Con videos from Gamespot!

    Well, here's some more just went up today BTW, in one of these you see Batman's special in air which we haven't seen much of. It looks like he throws...
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    Awesome new Gameplay, interview on Gamespot gotta see!

    Well, this was recently a few hours ago posted on Gamespot, this game is looking better then I thought. It plays just like MK2 a lot, you see better graphical clips, fatalities including both Supes and Scorpion in full and the select screen...there's also newer clips where they show you Scorpion...