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  1. Alan J Stidham

    Halloween 10/30

    Do you think something will be released? Maybe a Headless Horseman character? Or how about a trick and treat of new dlc of Necropolis? Your opinions and thoughts?
  2. Alan J Stidham

    Official Tag Partner Request Thread

    So yeah, I'm looking for someone to friend and become a online tag partner. My game play style is goofing around.I know some move lists but not all. I like to fight with Re-enactments(Earthrealm vs Outworld,etc). If I play with Human Sektor, it means I'm irritated and want to play serious for a...
  3. Alan J Stidham

    Game has been Desychronized.

    So I'm sick of seeing this. At first, I was like okay. It's only a couple of matches and most likely due to me picking a classic outfit(I use Sektor (mk3)) so I stop picking a classic outfit, and yet I still get it. What is this crap? out of 15 games I got in one and it was a Smoke player(which...
  4. Alan J Stidham

    DLC Fatality Thread

    So I guess that we will not see Klassic Fatalities from the Klassic skins?
  5. Alan J Stidham

    So it looks like..(Moloch?)

    I was facing Goro and it looked like their was Moloch shrunken down behind one of the bars. What if he becomes the 4th playable character. I'm pretty sure it was him behind the cage. It could make sense to see him playable just like Sheeva, since we cant play with Goro or Kintaro atm. Your...
  6. Alan J Stidham

    Mokap (DLC) Thread - "Lights, Camera, Action"

    I considered Mokap the funniest extra character ever. People hated losing to him. Would you like to see a return of this jokester, or not see him at all?
  7. Alan J Stidham


    Now I know that Idle means away, but I've seen people that are idle and talking in chat. So pretty much its ignore all. If you arent away, how are you idle or become idle and remove it?