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  1. Craig Dobson

    Is female (man) faces bugging anyone?

    As i said, the portrait icons (2d stuff) is also dogshit and looks done by a 15 year old trainee artist. I found this from 3 years ago when the faces looked shite then..Someone did "fixes" to Sonya..and it look 100% better..
  2. Craig Dobson

    UK Kollectors edition only £49.99 at GAME!...rrp £69.99

    GAME and GAMESTATION UK was originally selling the KE for £69.99.The price is now £49.99! Get it while it's hot! (cheap) I've preordered the regular edition for the costumes/characters from amazon now because of the price drop...(sell it the next day to recoup money)...
  3. Craig Dobson

    MK vs DC playability= MK9

    Whats the general feeling towards MK vs DC ? I ask this because if you don't like the way MK vs DC plays then you won't like MK9.. They are essentially the same game in terms of the way it plays.. (based off what we've seen so far) They seem to both have: Pop ups same style of combo's (punch...
  4. Craig Dobson

    mortal kombat 2 and 3 stage music megamix

    Hi all.. Was bored so i made this megamix.. Features some stage music from mortal kombat 2 and 3 mixed in together with some other beats and samples etc of my own...