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  1. Sniper0092

    Anyone watch 1000 Ways to Die?

    It's about weird deaths with exaggerated dialogue. It's like FATALITIES!!!!
  2. Sniper0092

    Opinions on the Mortal Kombat movie reboot?

    Who in your opinion should be casted for each character?
  3. Sniper0092

    My new drawings.

    I don't think I am the best artist.
  4. Sniper0092

    What book would you like a movie version of?

    Some of the Halo books: Ghost of Onyx, First Strike and The Cole Protocol. They were such good reads, even the comics would be great films.
  5. Sniper0092

    Guardians of the Galaxy short review.

    I didn't want to spend my eared money on it at first, I was not really ready to see it yet. My parents insisted I hang with my brothers, they even said they'd pay for the movie. I ended up spending my cash for some reason but whatever... To describe it in a few words: comedic, sci fi gold...
  6. Sniper0092

    Like Agent Locke so far?

    He seems like a cool rival to Chief, I am willing to give him a chance. He may even be better, or the same. Can't wait for Nightfall.
  7. Sniper0092

    Watch Arby n' the Chief?

    It's a show that is Halo based, using toys and media from the game. The voices are annoying as hell, but the gameplay parts are interesting.
  8. Sniper0092

    Video game crossover you'd want to see.

    I know a lot of you want to see MKxSF, lol, perhaps one day. My crossover is Halo and Mass Effect, very curious to see how it would turn out.
  9. Sniper0092

    Anyone play Halo?

    It's a series like Star Wars and Metriod, a first-person series. What is your favorite Halo game? What do you want to see in Halo 5?
  10. Sniper0092

    Master Chief Collection.

    I love this pack, but don't like how only XBO can play it, that means a new console for me. I mostly want Halo 2: Anniversary, I own everything else. Did you see the trailer? It also had Agent Locke and ARBITER.
  11. Sniper0092

    Godzilla is out!!!!

    I will do a review later if you want. It looks really cool and I can't wait to see the mutos.
  12. Sniper0092

    What are annoying things your parents do?

    So I move to a new house. So today I clogged the toilet by accident so my mom got mad. I mean I had to go, what do you want from me? Then my dad went to get a plunger. But then calls us all to talk with us. He was saying **** about How we don't respect the house. Even though I always have kept...
  13. Sniper0092

    Favorite dinosaur.

    Giganotosaurus, one predator bigger then t-rex, 43 feet long, about 16 feet high. Lived in Patagonia. Yours can be something non dinosaur.
  14. Sniper0092

    Do you like Vines?

    Do you have a favorite Viner? I love Brittany Furlan and KingBach. Btw, could you look at my first vine?
  15. Sniper0092

    Godzilla official trailer
  16. Sniper0092

    I drew Sektor

    A request for back,back,back low punch, I AM SO SORRY I TOOK SO LONG, I WAS SOOOOO BUSY. I'll do Sonya soon as I can.
  17. Sniper0092

    What does a guy have to get his book popular?

    I have a new book up here I posted, Raiku, and on Deviantart. I am having trouble getting it enough attention. I mean, I've mentioned it on forums, and anything that exposes a book. I was wondering if anyone had something to share?
  18. Sniper0092

    I wrote a new book.

    Did you like it? Raiku? Be sure to check it out.
  19. Sniper0092

    Logo I made for my book.

    The dark mysterious jungle of Isla Sorna...
  20. Sniper0092


    Hello, this is my new book. I am a part-time writer, this is loosely based on JP. This is kinda of my side project. Tell mw what you think. Chapter 1 Introduction The story so far..... In 2050, humanity makes contact with aliens. Over time, they helped...