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  1. MajorWeirdo

    Invasion had begun. (2nd time)

    As of thuis morning Invasion had begun again. Invasion Boss and invasion tower are accessible for all factions. Invasion Boss is Scorpion. Spamming you with heavy combos and his slide. I managed to surviv 30 seconds on my 3th try... Then got clubbered all the time...
  2. MajorWeirdo

    Faction War challenges

    So today has/had 3 faction challenges for us to clear. Play 1 Traditional Tower : that is easy Jump 5 times and win the match : easy But: Win 1 Player Match : what does that mean? Is it a one player single fight? Or a ranked online match? Or a KOTH match?
  3. MajorWeirdo

    Cyrax Wins Park-ality

    Found this funny pic the other day... made me smile...
  4. MajorWeirdo

    Kung Lao high school pic

    This made me laugh... I looks so hard like a high school year book picture... What was he thinking... posing like that...
  5. MajorWeirdo

    Just finished the Cyber Sub-Zero chapter in Story Mode

    Damn, that Story Mode is wicked!! They really put that story back together nicely... I'm loving all of it. I's amazing that for the first time we actually get to see what's happened/happening in the 3 first MK tournaments/games... Netherrealm Studios did a great job there! By advance the...
  6. MajorWeirdo

    Pre-order exclusive REPTILE unlock details

    As I haven't seen any details on any pre-order costumes and fatalities besides the costumes, I was scoping around one of my local gameshop's sites and found this. It says "Lose your head with Reptile's original Tasty Meal fatality" and on the...
  7. MajorWeirdo

    Dutch & Belgian MK9 Tournament

    The winner of the Belgian & Dutch Tournament wins this custom made fight stick! Look at the details! Great work from Shadaloo. Too bad I wasn't able to get to the final event in Belgium...
  8. MajorWeirdo

    US vs EU PSN Demo

    So I've played the US and the EU PSN demo and was wondering if someone could tell which demo is more recent? Because in the EU version, the Pit Fatality is very different, when your opponent is punched, he really gets projected in the air and falls to his certain death (LOL). In the US...
  9. MajorWeirdo

    MK9 box art ?

    So UK webretailer has got Mortal Kombat (2011) in pre-order for a release of february 11 and they feature a box-art of the game. It has Shinnok on it, but in the trailers and gameplay demos, we've seen Shao Kahn as the main villain.... Love the box-art though...
  10. MajorWeirdo

    MK3 on MAT2 - Sub-Zero's Overhead Freeze fatality not working

    Hi guys, been replaying MK3 on Midway Treasures 2 for PS2 and have some trouble making Subbie's fatality work, even if it's the simplest of all -> BLK-BLK-RN-BLK-RN (at close range) The Ice Breath works perfectly, but the Overhead Freeze... damn... Any hints or tricks for this one? Never had...
  11. MajorWeirdo

    Where are the freaking combos??

    Last night I started playing the arcade mode with Sub-Zero. I love the fact he's got his ninja outfit as a primary costume (don't like the "shredder" outfit), and was pleased to see they kept his Shotokan fighting style and off course his Koriblade. The only bad thing is : where are the...
  12. MajorWeirdo

    Konquest Story : my opinion

    Hi, As a european PS2 owner I only got my hands on MKA October 27th (and only started playing like last week...). Nevertheless, I finished Konquest with 46 found relics (which is not bad, not using the ever so handy TRMK Interactive Konquest Guide). I must say, I really loved the story. Ed...
  13. MajorWeirdo

    The Portal Stage - Map

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me the difference between a blue and red portal sign on the map (after pressing select) ? The map is full of portals, but it doesn't say where it goes (except until your very close to it) I wondered if anyone got a screen of the map with the names of the...
  14. MajorWeirdo

    Shaolin Monks on E-bay ??

    What ? yep, you read correct! someone's already selling MKSM on ebay... weird, i thought the game was going to be released in the US on 9/19 or 9/20... illegal copy?? check it out
  15. MajorWeirdo

    Kung Lao Secret Move ?

    i was wondering, will we be able to pull a bunny out of Kung Lao's hat and slap some tarkatan warriors with it around the ears ?? or not ?? :lol: :P I always liked that move... :D
  16. MajorWeirdo

    European (PAL) release date ?

    Hi from Europe !! Anyone who when MK SM is coming out in Europe ?? According to the british (UK) Amazon site, it will be available around 30th September 2005... I think it's rather close to the US release won't get my hopes up.... or i'll get disappointed... :roll: Thanks for...
  17. MajorWeirdo

    Question about Havik moves

    hi, i have a question about a couple of Havik's moves, namely the Torso Taunt and the Head Snap move. Can anyone explain me the purpose of these moves or are they just in there for the fun and to tell us Havik is a bit of a freak ?? (snapping his head like that) A bit of clearance would be...
  18. MajorWeirdo

    Krypt Key DD - Located Edenia D-8 on Mondays

    Apparently that's what the guide says, but i was there on monday, at D-8 in Edenia... Looked everywhere, couldn't be found... it also said behind the house, but nothing there... do i have to be there at a certain time too ?? tnx for the help...
  19. MajorWeirdo

    Online Stats (Europe)

    hi guys, i'm a European MK online gamer, and was wondering about something. is it possible do play a friendly game and a rank related game. Or do u always play to move up the ladder ?? Cause yesterday i played 2 matches and none of them were added to my stats ?? how come ?? i haven't made a...
  20. MajorWeirdo

    Anyone got some nice images or movies ?

    hi, does anyone have other images and/or videos of this game besides the ones allready posted on the internet and this forum ?? especially for u guys with screen caption software/ hardware !! :D thanx... Major Weirdo ps. a few nice fatality videos would be nice... other than raidens and...