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  1. reptilesmile

    Reiko & Havok

    Why these two are not in the game....I'll never know. They are both in the comics and seem to have some build up to their involvement. Lets hope for DLC... I think they would be awesome in MKX!
  2. reptilesmile

    Was story mode shorten than MK9?

    I beat it in half a day... I feel like MK9 took forever (which was good). The game in general feels like there is less to do.... No challenge tower, ran through krypt pretty fast. Is it just me?
  3. reptilesmile

    MK1 Koming Soon?

    On the menu, theres a pic of an MK1 cab and says coming soon... MKAK coming for PS4?
  4. reptilesmile

    MK9 GameStop posters

    Hey guys, not sure if this allowed but I have an eBay listing for all 4 posters up right now. Not sure how to link from my phone, I'm sure u cld just search Mortal Kombat 2011 GameStop promo posters. Thanks
  5. reptilesmile

    New MK action figures I only saw these on ebay by this one...
  6. reptilesmile

    Selling MK2 MK3 and MK Trilogy for PC

    In case any is interested
  7. reptilesmile

    Selling MK2 Japan Import for PS1

    In case only is interested
  8. reptilesmile

    could not connect to lobby MKAK

    Game keeps freezing my ps3!!! wtf, when i try to creat a lobby or join one it freezes me up
  9. reptilesmile

    Whats Next?

    So MK9 has been out for almost 5 months, DLC has been released, MK Arcade Kollection has been released. Soooo, whats next. I would like have something to look forward to. Maybe a new MK adventure game? Maybe a sequel to MK9, hell, even UMK9. Thoughts?
  10. reptilesmile

    UMK3 Scorpion MK9

  11. reptilesmile

    UMK3 Reptile MK9

    Lets go NRS, this is what we want
  12. reptilesmile

    Sub Zero's 2nd fatality

    Ok, this gets my vote as the worst fatality in the game. I'm making a new thread on this to point out a flaw... not only is it stupid to pull your spine with skull attached through your chest (you head remains normal looking), but... if you do the fatality on Mileena, Baraka, Reptile, or...
  13. reptilesmile

    from boon twitter

  14. reptilesmile

    Noob vs Noob Saibot

    OK, this bothers me. Why does it only say Noob in the lifebar? The announcer says Noob Saibot, it just looks so wack, Noob. Its is because John Tobias is not on the staff? So they cant spell his name (backwards) but can say it? Weird...
  15. reptilesmile

    Question on coins and currency system

    So I completed story mode and challenge tower. I have unlocked the krypt 100%. I have over 200,000 coins left. With grinding for mastery of all fighters I'm sure I'll have over a mill. My question is....with the krypt unlocked and tower complete...what will these coins be used for? Will they...
  16. reptilesmile

    TE Fight Stick Appreciation Thread

    Ok, so I was at a crossroads on wether to get the Kollectors Edition or the Tournament Edition. I was never really good in the arcades...I would try to hit back, but it would jump, the stick to me felt too "loose". But I went for it and I gotta say im solo glad I did. The joy stick is not...
  17. reptilesmile

    Mk2 removed from psn?

    I saw this in another thread and just check. It's not there. I am lucky too because my ps3 overheated and I bout a slim last week. First thing I did was download mk9 demo and mk2
  18. reptilesmile

    Big Ups to Gamestop

    Im the proud owner of the Mortal Kombat parafenalia(spell) that was on display i didnt get the over sized box but i got the huge scorpion one and huge dragon logo one plus two smaller promos for scorpion retro costume and koll edition bookends please dont make me find the digital cam with...
  19. reptilesmile

    Snacks for MK2011

    Ok so hear me out... I, like many others, have vacation scheduled for the glorious week of April 19th. My last day of work will be Monday 4/18 and I will not return until 4/25. My question is....what kind of snacks should I stock up on? Im thinking Mountain Dew is a must, im thinking...
  20. reptilesmile

    hooded smoke mk9

    made by me