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  1. Axe

    Playing Arcade Ladder Before Story = Disaster?

    Unlike MK9, MKX's boss is a secret. I wonder how NRS are approaching this? Think about it. You go onto arcade mode and you start to scroll down the ladder and you see the boss at the top!? Massive surprise ruined! Imagine how pissed off everyone would be! Or are NRS going to hide it in some way...
  2. Axe

    Cross Gen + Unreal Engine 3 = I Think I'll Pass On This One

    Best game on the C64, awesome game for the time. Do you think it looked anything like the box art? Tarkatan Trash is right. Graphics don't play the game. Graphics do not a good game make.
  3. Axe

    Guest Characters, Yay or Neigh?

    I pray that MK10 is going to be announced like many of us. I did a forum search and its been almost a couple of years since this was asked. So what do we think? Do any have a place in Mortal Kombat? Only certain characters? Or do they take valuable roster positions away from an already...
  4. Axe

    Birmingham NEC Final Report

    OK, so it's not much of a report. Got a busy day with kids and fixing computers lol. I competed and got knocked out of the first round. Was a great time with some ultra crazy matches and Ryan Neal of the UK got the European title! Woot that's how we do it in the UK! Was pretty much Scorpion...
  5. Axe

    I just won the Kingston Tourney!

    Woot. I can't believe that I won. I came up against some great players. Me and a mate entered and we fought eachother in the final match. I won the first round, he won the second. He almost got me on the third. Almost two hours later and I'm still hyped up on andrenaline. Scorpion was my weapon...